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How to Delete WhatsApp Group Permanently

You may have joined various groups on WhatsApp for Islamic knowledge, diet plans, and delicious healthy recipes. you no longer want to be the part of that group, right? So, in this article, you will know how to delete WhatsApp group permanently.

How to Add contacts in WhatsApp

Some people don’t know how to add contacts in WhatsApp? Now all of you able to learn this feature in this article. You can save your contact and get your connections on Whatsapp.


The motive of this article is to tell you how to find someone on WhatsApp? All social media applications have advanced this world at a faster pace. WhatsApp is one of those that are the most popular applications in the world.

How To Make Yourself Group Admin On Whatsapp on Ios and Android

This article will teach you how to change group admin in WhatsApp group chat, using an iPhone or an android. You can make more than one group admin as well. For this, you have to be an admin in a group to make somebody else a group admin as well.

HOW TO BLOCK SOMEONE ON WHATSAPP – Blocking and Unblocking on Whatsapp

People often question like “How to block someone on WhatsApp?”. So, if you don’t know, this article is specifically written to tell you how to block someone on WhatsApp.

How to Change Font in Whatsapp for Android & IOS

how to Change Font in Whatsapp. Therefore to emphasize certain words and phrases, Markdown characters can help you by making them bold or italics in Whatsapp. It will also let you cross out words and change the font Whatsapp. Such features are not available in most messaging apps.

How to Share Facebook Videos to WhatsApp on Android & Iphone

People often question like “How to share Facebook videos to WhatsApp?” So, this article is specifically written to tell you how to share facebook videos to WhatsApp through android and IOS devices.

How to Print WhatsApp Messages on iPhone and Android

How to print WhatsApp messages.?? How to print WhatsApp photos as soon as mention to speaking iPhone and Android?? More than 3 billion downloads, WhatsApp Messenger is the most and fastly downloaded messaging app.

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