People often question like “How to send high quality photos?” So, this article is specifically written to tell you how to send high quality photos.

So, from the last decade, social media apps have evolved the world. All social applications continue to enhance their features. They aim to increase the feasibility of their users. WhatsApp is one of those applications. So, it has been the most popular social media app that serves billions of people across the globe. And due to the fact, it always comes up with new features every time.

4-5 years back, you could only send a single picture at a time. But now, you can send multiple pictures at a time. But, for the better transfer of media WhatsApp reduces its resolution. This reduction is about one-third of the original resolution. One can’t feel the difference between mobile phones. But when you view them on the computer screen, you’d see the huge difference in its resolution. So, at the end of this article, you’d know how to send high quality photos and videos, etc.

How to Send High Quality Photos through WhatsApp?

How to Send High Quality Photos through WhatsApp

This method is quite easy to follow. So, let’s just get started.

Method # 01 Sending through document option

Sending through document option

When it comes to sending pictures and videos, what we all do is that we send them through the gallery. We tap “Attachment”, go to “Gallery” and send the desired image. So, here WhatsApp actually reduces its resolution to one third. Stop sending media through the gallery. Now what you can do is start sending photos, videos, etc through documents. Let us tell you how.

  • Tap attachment.
  • There you’ll see an option “Browse other docs”. Tap it.
  • Select the images you want to send. Tap “Send”.

So, this is all about how to send high quality photos and with an original resolution of images. WhatsApp wouldn’t reduce its resolution. Thus maintains the original one. It is one of the easiest way to send full resolution media through WhatsApp.

Method # 02 Zip the pictures

Zip the pictures

It’s another easy method to maintain the resolution of your pictures. So, if you have a couple of pictures to send, it’d be time taking. But the wait is worth. You’d be maintaining the resolution of pictures in the end. So, let’s just get started.

  • Firstly, go to your phone’s gallery.
  • Select all the pictures you’d like to send.
  • Tap the three dots on the right corner of the screen.
  • Click on “Archive”.
  • Create the Archive folder of the pictures. It will then require you to select the format “ZIP” or “7ZIP”.
  • Tap on “Create”. It will then take some time that depends on the number of pictures.
  • When it completes, Zip files will be available in your documents.
  • Repeat the method one.

So, this is all about how to send high quality photos. And it’s all about how zipping up works! It is as easy as method number one. You can opt for any method that suits you. Any of these can help you to send high quality photos, videos, etc.

How to Send High Quality Photos by Compressing the Images

How to Send High Quality Photos by Compressing the Images

This is another best way to send high quality photos through WhatsApp. If any of the above-mentioned ways don’t work for you, it’d always work! So, let’s just get started with this one as well.

So, compression actually shields your images into a folder that WhatsApp would be unable to read. Most of the androids have compression tool built-in.

  • Open the picture in the app.
  • Tap and hold it unless it shows you a dialogue box.
  • Select “Compress”.
  • Select more and compress.

Here you have already done your part. And the application will do the rest of it. It is also used to send multiple images at a time that depends on their size. So, this is how you can maintain the resolution of pictures and not let WhatsApp degrading its quality.

Uploading to Google Drive or iCloud

Uploading to Google Drive or iCloud


So, it’s another method that can help you to maintain the resolution of your images.

What you can do is that simply upload all your pictures to Google drive. And when you’ve to send those pictures, simply share Google drive’s link. The same goes for iCloud as well. If you’ve sync setup, Apple will upload your pictures automatically. Thus, you won’t need to upload it yourself.

So, let’s just see the steps required for this process.

  • Open Google drive if you’ve an android. And open iCloud if you’ve iPhone.
  • The select picture you’d like to share.
  • Right-click and tap “Get sharable link”.
  • Copy the link and share it with recipients of pictures.

Let me tell you that these instructions are for android users. But the same goes for Apple users as well. The process is somehow similar. So, this is how it helps with sending high quality and full resolution pictures. You can find also How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

How to Send High Quality videos on WhatsApp

How to Send High Quality videos on WhatsApp

Besides pictures, WhatsApp has many other features. It lets you send music, GIFs, stickers, and videos as well. But when you share media including photos and videos, the recipient gets a lower quality of it. This is because WhatsApp uses a compression technique to reduce the size of media files. But you can still send full resolution videos like pictures. Let’s understand how to send high quality photos and videos etc.

Alike photos, if videos are shared from the gallery, WhatsApp would reduce its quality. So, first of all, don’t share it from your gallery. If we somehow send videos through the document, WhatsApp won’t compress it. And for this purpose, you must have an app named “Document Extension Provider”.

So, after installing it, follow the steps one by one;

  • Run the app in your phone.
  • Copy the videos you’d like to share into Documents app with share option.
  • Open WhatsApp recipient’s chat. Tap “Attachments”.
  • Select “Document”.
  • If “Document Extension Provider” isn’t there, tap “More”.
  • Once you see it, tap on it. And it will open the app.
  • And from there, you’ll be able to send videos to WhatsApp recipients.

So, this is how you can share full resolution videos to WhatsApp. It’s another easy method that would help you with sharing high quality media files.

I hope that this article has resolved all your problems. And it has given an answer to the most asked question i.e “How to send high quality photos, videos, etc?”

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