Who wants a Christmas party that comprises a few glasses of cava and cold sausage rolls in your local hall? No one. Especially when there are so many brilliant Christmas party theme ideas out there. That’s why we’ve put together ten of our favorites that will have your guests letting their hair down and talking about the party for months to come – for all the right reasons…


A masquerade ball

Christmas Party Ideas

There’s something magical about a Christmas party theme that means you don’t have to stare at the same faces of your colleagues you have to look at every day! Whirl your guests back in time to a lavish and mysterious Masquerade ball with an experience they won’t forget in a hurry. Tell everyone to dress up in the appropriate attire, then have them greeted at the venue with a glass of bubbly and live band while they wait for dinner. Serve an appropriately themed feast and watch as masks are removed and true identities revealed! Once the meal has been finished, have your guests slip their shows back on and whirl straight to the dance floor to dance the rest of the night away.

A circus theme

Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas is a time for fun and for releasing your inner child, so why not play on this with an exuberant circus-themed Christmas party. Decorate your venue to look like a circus ring, or find a platform that is already complete with a ringmaster to welcome you and your guests and guide you to the circus arena. Have your team nibble on circus-themed canapes and cocktails before a full seated dinner watching a fantastic show of circus acts. Why not invest in a classic retro sweets or popcorn stand for guests to dip into throughout the evening? And you could also have extras such as a character tourist, juggler, mime, or magician to keep things entertaining into the evening.

Apres Ski

Christmas Party Ideas

Let’s face it, nothing can quite beat the festive feel of Apres ski and while taking the whole company to the slopes is probably a bit expensive, you can still bring the feeling of the slopes to the party. Decorate the venue with traditional chalet accouterments such as furry rugs, wooden furnishing, and old skis – you could even go one step further and hire a forum specifically for Apres Ski parties complete with log cabins, cozy throws, and trees covered in snow. Make sure to organize an outdoor log fire surrounded by benches where you can sit around and drink boozy hot chocolate or mulled wine and toast marshmallows under the stars. Drink ski-themed cocktails and dance until the early hours to a DJ who will play a host of festive-themed tunes that will have you believe you really have joined an Apres Ski of the mountains.

Reverse Christmas in July

Christmas Party Ideas

As many industries know, July is the time to start planning festive content – hence the name Christmas in July. So why not flip it on its head with a summer-themed party? Has the venue transformed into a total beach paradise complete with deckchairs, beach balls and parasols, an ice cream van, paddling pools, and an array of summery cocktails? Why not serve up an indoor BBQ and have a competition to see who can wear the most outrageous Hawaiian shirt? Hire a photo booth and have all summer-themed props such as sun hats, sunglasses, armbands, and pool floats. You could have the DJ play an entire summer-themed set too!

Casino Royale

There’s nothing like a Casino Royale-themed Christmas party to get your guests excited and an excuse to dress to the nines. The men will don their finest penguin suits while the ladies slip into sparkling cocktail dresses. Be handed a glass of bubbly (or a martini!) as you arrive at a glitzy venue before sitting down to a delicious three-course dinner. Following this, your guests can take to the tables for a turn on a fun casino with the chance to win several fun prizes before making their way to the dance floor to dance the night away.

Chocolate Factory

Christmas Party Ideas

Relive your childhood memories of being let loose in a sweet shop with a chocolate-themed Christmas party. This is a perfect mix of nostalgic fun and entertainment; this is the ideal way to get into the festive spirit and have a party your guests will never forget. Begin the evening by walking through famous Wonka gates before entering a sweet shop paradise with colorful giant candy canes. Have your guests enjoy a chocolate-themed cocktail before taking their seats for a themed dinner where live music will be played (and perhaps even an appearance by an Oompa Loompa or two!) When plates are cleared, why not direct your guests to a chocolate fountain or sweet retro stand before letting loose on the dance floor until the early hours.

Murder Mystery party

Christmas Party Ideas

Think Cluedo on a big scale for this Christmas party theme idea! At a murder mystery party, team members are each given their own identity at the beginning of the night. They are then to play this character throughout the evening – props and costumes help make this one truly special! The basis of the story is that someone at the party has been murdered, and the murderer is a member of the team. It’s up to you all to try and figure out how the murderer is while the culprit has to evade suspicion! You could have themed cocktails and a three-course meal to enjoy, all while trying to discover the main suspect…

Narnia Themed Party

Christmas Party Ideas

A Narnia-themed party is a great one for really getting into the spirit of the theme. Step through a coat-filled wardrobe to enter a magical world complete with white Christmas trees, Aslan and castle scene silhouettes, props, live music, and faun stilt performers to do a meet and greet. Enjoy cocktails before a delicious three-course dinner surrounded by the spectacular decor. There could be competitions for the best dressed, a quiz, or live music to accompany you while you eat. Round the night off with DJ and a disco before heading off in your carriages at the end of the evening.


Winter Wonderland Christmas Party

Christmas Party Ideas

Why not hold a Winter Wonderland-themed party for an extra unique twist on the classic Christmas party? Have your guests arrive at the venue complete with alpine backdrops, fake snow, Christmas trees, and twinkly lights – the perfect setup for a night of festivities. Greet them with a mug of mulled wine and a live band on arrival before having them sit for a delicious three-course Christmas dinner. Have everyone dress in white or festive colors and let them dance the night away to a live band or a DJ. Be sure to get a photo booth with Christmassy-themed props to remember the night by!

The 80s themed party

Christmas Party Ideas

This Christmas party theme idea is guaranteed to get everyone down and footloose and enjoy themselves. A real retro treat, have your guests dress up in appropriate 80s attire, with cocktails such as a Long Island Iced Tea or peach schnapps to greet them. Enjoy themed table settings, a red-carpet entrance, and fun photo booths complete with props before setting down to a three-course meal. During the night, make use of a multi-colored dance floor while boogying along to Madonna, Fame, and Duran Duran under a glittering disco ball. You can run

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