Must apps to have as a College Student


College can be difficult however, there’s an app to help. In reality, there are numerous apps. Make it easier to transition into college and life on campus by using 23 apps designed for college students that can handle everything from personal health to homework and conserving money.

The Best apps for college students

Khan Academy

If you’re in need of a bit of extra time with your instructor, don’t be late after the class. Check out using the Khan Academy app with classes covering everything from programming as well as art and history.


Download Coursera and get access to courses from the top universities, including Stanford, John Hopkins, and Duke. Each course functions as an interactive textbook, with videos, assignments that are graded project work, and group discussions. You can also earn your recognized master’s degree.


Be quick and get points by completing the gamification of language learning that spans over 30 courses, including Klingon. Learn to read, listen, or speak, and get instant grades and motivation.


Explore the vast collection of TED’s transformative videos. Take a trip through an audio-visual journey into what’s coming to food or take a look at a five-minute video on the story of the world as described by cats.

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This is the college experience, reduced. Choose from the most popular literary books and personalize your schedule and listen to audio overviews and mark your pages to make them easier to remember. Audio CramCasts, interactive quizzes, and interactive tests help you learn more easily.


Increase your chances of success by getting expert advice based on data on over 100 million real career pathways. Discover top companies hiring for your degree. Find out what you can earn five years after your graduation. Make your course more flexible by incorporating the most sought-after capabilities. Also, interact with the workforce data to improve your institution’s performance.


Keep your notes organized and your documents in one place. You can turn on the recorder in order to record dates and information. You can also take pictures of the blackboard and save the images in one of Your Evernote folders.


Write amazing essays, easily using Grammarly’s online writing aid, and go beyond simple spell-checking to discover the right tone for your project. Grammarly’s Keyboard application acts to be your own personal guide that helps you edit every text, email, and social post prior to sending.


Make sure you are safe on your way home from classes at night using Smartwatches. Connect to your friends and inform them of exactly where you are walking back home.


All of your work all in one place in your mobile planner Get reminders of coming due dates and transfer notifications across devices.

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