Azur Lane during The Shimmering Blue Event: Rewards, skins and more

Yostar‘s well-known action title Azur Lane has announced its new event called “Upon the Shining Blue. It is believed that the S Akura Empire’s fleets have discovered the famous Dragon Palace and have decided to uncover the secrets of it. The most recent event includes 6 new shipgirls as well as Shimakaze, an ultra Rare Destroyer, Shimakaze and more than twenty new skins to be released in September.

Azur Lane on the Shimmering Blue event that will bring the new character and reward

Six shipgirls been introduced in Upon the Shimmering Blue: A Ultra Rare Destroyer Shimakaze which excels at torpedo attack as well as buffing other fleets and the Super Rare Aircraft Carrier Katsuragi as well as two elite destroyers Yura Umikaze and Yura Umikaze are gaining speed within the small construction pool.

In addition there is the Elite Destroyer Yamakaze serves as the prize for the player who has reached the milestone as well as the Super Rare Heavy Cruiser Chikuma is available as a drop-in map of the event or traded in the shop for events. The players can explore Upon the Shimmering Blue event maps, and earn points to trade for the exclusive new equipment, a Shimakaze class 610mm Torpedo Mount.



Players can also fully break-ins for the characters in the event and complete their missions with the following characters: Nagato Jintsuu, Nagato, Inazuma or Ikazuchi to earn training points to earn the limited portrait frame “Ryugu’s Acknowledgment'”. A limited-time outfit for Michishio can also be redeemed at no cost by the daily mission clearing process beginning on September 23rd. Additionally, rental outfit vouchers are also available to be used on various new releases, including all of the latest Live2D skins.

There will be multiple skins updated during the event.

This update features the latest furniture collection, Manjuu Summer Festival, is packed with various Natsumatsuri elements that let players take part in the celebrations.

The 8 Bunny Girl themed skins are available in the shop for the event, including the World’s Speediest Waitress Bunny in Shimakaze (Live2D) as well as Listless Lapin, for Le Malin (Live2D). In celebration of the coming Mid-Autumn Festival, 2 new theme-based skins are available for Eldridge as well as Marblehead will be now available. The most popular costumes for parties have been added to the store for events like The Crane that Dances With the Wind (Live2D) for Shoukaku, Dark Red Grin for Roon along with Cordial Cornflower in the case of Prinz Eugen.

Alongside the re-introduced dress-up dresses In addition to the party dresses that were returned, Azur Lane will also unveil 9 new design ideas for dresses for partiesin mid-September, which includes an Live2D skin for Cheshire. The fun doesn’t stop with the oath skins, as oath Skins to Taihou, York, and Noshiro will be released in the near future.

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