Best English Learning Apps for Kids- Top Ten

Are you looking for some best English learning apps for kids? The English language is still a myth in our society because our education system has not accepted entirely to take it as an ordinary language—that’ why It’s creating a lot of barriers in our higher education.

In this advanced world, everyone has accepted the English language in a worldwide scenario. Because it is an international language, so it has much worth. If you want your child to succeed more and more in life, you should prepare your child with this global language. Moreover, you should engage the English content with your child whether his school teaches him or not.

If you are worried about getting a start or bringing basic knowledge to your kids, halt here.

I have curated stuff of the best English learning apps for kids, especially. From these apps, you can get the necessary and most manageable tasks for your child. So, it’s your responsibility, and you should stick to your child to complete the mentioned tasks available in this app.

So, keep staying with me till the last word of this article.  Then, you would able to pick the best English learning app for your kids effortlessly. So, let’s find from it.

Fun English-English Learning Apps For Kids

Fun English-Language Learner for Kids

Fun English is one of the craziest app ever. It offers you a lot of facilities regarding English grammar. Mainly, your kid will never get bored while learning the English language from this game. The developer has designed this app in the funniest manner where the child can have enjoyment and learning. Study cat has created this English learning app and released it in 2018.

  • Additionally, your kid can get a bunch of knowledge from it quickly. It will rectify your kid’s mistakes, especially. Also, it will guide your kid about essential grammar words, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors as well.
  • Furthermore, it consists the plenty of features that are its selling factors.
  • The developers of this game have designed different tasks like daily, weekly, even monthly as well.
  • Behind that aspect, it will encourage your kids to complete the particular tasks in the mentioned time.
  • Importantly, your kid will never feel bored seeking the knowledge of English. Moreover, it has installed plenty of games in different variations, where your kid has to solve some spelling puzzle or something else task in it.

Learn English Kids: Playtime-English Learning Apps For Kids


Playtime-Easy Learns English

Learn English kids is one of the fantastic apps that is designed by the British council. The purpose of this app to enhance the children’s speaking and listening abilities of children, significantly. Miracle FunBox has developed this app and released it in 2019.

  • Also, it includes a bounty of animated songs, plays, and stories as well. Children can increase the capabilities of listening and speaking skills. Even children will grasp the nature of the word and pronounce style quickly.
  • Moreover, it will also enhance pronunciation capabilities.
  • It is mainly one of the freemium English apps that will help the kids increase the reading ability via seeing through fairy tales and other stories in it.

Altogether, it is considered one of the best English learning apps for Kids. It is available for android and IOS users.

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Lingokids-Best English Learning Apps For Kids

Lingokids-Best English Learning Apps For Kid

Are your kid’s age is around 2-8years? And, you’re worried about finding an app for the standard elementary kid. Then this English learning app is perfect for your kid.

Lingo kids are famous apps that give English interaction to children through fun games and tasks. Lingokids. Inc has developed this excellent app and released it in 2014.

  • Additionally, the developer has built a rigid foundation for your child regarding English learning at a very young age.
  • Moreover, it also gives your child the best learning tactics for the English language.
  • Not only this, it brings an interactive environment where your child will learn English quickly.
  • Subsequently, it will provide rhymes, songs, and many types of funniest content in English.
  • If you become frustrated by some ads when it comes to any video, you don’t need to worry about this. It is free from any ads. Moreover, you will never face any distractions.

To conclude, lingo kid is one of the best English learning apps for kids available for android and IOS users, especially.

Timmy’s Learning New Skills- English Learning Apps for Kid

Timmy's Learning New Skills- English Learning Apps for Kid

Timmy’s learning new skills are one of the great apps that will able your child to speak in English. It has been designed for 4-6 years kids especially. The British Council has developed this English learning app and released it in 2018.

  • Furthermore, it will give your children a lot of knowledge about English. The developer has designed its tasks by providing English puzzles, little phrases through songs, and many more.
  • Subsequently, it will enhance the vocabulary of children daily. Then, children will learn plenty of new words and phrases daily.
  • Not only this, the app will rectify the spelling mistakes of children. Consequently, it will say the word narration with some actions. Children will grasp the algorithm of spelling quickly.

Android and IOS users can easily download this app. Moreover, it is one of the best English learning apps for kids. So, it would be best if you consider this app positively.

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Rosetta Stone Kids- Lingo Letter Sounds

Rosetta Stone Kids- Lingo Letter Sounds

Rosetta stone kids- is one of the great apps that is for early age school kids. It gives several chances for kids to practice language skills daily. Rosetta stone ltd has developed this app and released it in 2013.

  • With rosetta, children can play learning games where kids have to complete the given tasks within the time frame.
  • Moreover, it is one of the best apps for preschool kids who can learn English grammar, pronunciation, and spelling techniques.
  • Not only this, the game of this app will teach you about the tactics to recognize the lower and upper case letters and words especially.

Android/IOS users can get the rosetta app for English learning from the play store, and iTunes apps store effectively.

Chinese Skill-Best kid English Learning Apps

Chinese Skill-Best kid English Learning Apps

Chinese skill is a Chinese-based app that provides stuff about difficult language. It is full-packed to understand learning and information. Chinese. Inc has developed this app and released it in 2014.

  • In this app, children can learn grammar, sentences, and phrases as well.
  • Furthermore, the developer has designed into different manners, including games, tasks, and spelling puzzles.
  • Not only this, but it also provides English learning to kids through pictures, animations, and story tales.
  • Subsequently, it will never provide any add-in videos. Also, kids will never get distracted from the learning environment.

To conclude, android and IOS users can easily use this app. And to get sufficient knowledge of English from it quickly.

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Duolingo-Best English Learning App

Duolingo-Best English Learning App

Duolingo is one of the useful apps which enables your children to speak the English language very confidently. It consists of many languages, whether you belong to French or Russian. Plenty of facilities available regarding the native cause. Duolingo. Inc has offered this English app and released it in 2013.

  • With Duolingo, kids can play games in this app. then, they can get points while completing it.
  • Moreover, they can share this point table with their friends. Afterwards, they also play this English game with friends easily.
  • Furthermore, the developer has designed this app into bit big-sized pieces, where children can get fun along with knowledge.
  • Subsequently, children can also effectively enhance the various skills, including reading, speaking, and punctuation skills.

Android and IOS users can quickly get this learning app from the play store/iTunes app store. So, keep enhancing your kid’s knowledge from it.

Gus on The Go

Gus on The Go

Gus on the go is an exciting and learning app that provides a variety of content regarding the English language via games, pictures, and songs. Toojuice, LLC has developed this app and released it in 2017.

  • In this app, you will critically analyze the scenario of learning through lessons and story tales.
  • Furthermore, this app consists of plenty of features, including video stories, games, and songs.
  • Subsequently, your children can increase their basic phrases and vocabulary.
  • Not only this, children will get a lot of enjoyment via complete its given tasks.
  • It would be best if you bound your children to complete these tasks regularly.
  • Apart from this, your children will learn the English language through the phrases of English delightful songs and poems. Children will never get lazy and bored while getting knowledge from it.

To conclude, it is one fantastic app which offers the children a lot of exciting stuff. So, you have to add to your wish list.

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Learning by Mind Snacks

Learning by Mind Snacks

Learning by mind Snack is a simple English learning app that offers a lot of stuff for English. It consists of plenty of features, including easy and accessible technology, a customization button, and many more things. Kb mobile Inc has developed this learning app and released it in 2018.

  • In this app, children can learn, read, and speak around 100 words daily.
  • It will give a lot of fun through exciting songs and videos as well.
  • Furthermore, kids can learn additional knowledge, whether it on basic, intermediate, or advanced levels.
  • Subsequently, this app is for the age of around 2-10 years.
  • Moreover, developers have installed into particular scenarios, tasks, and challenges.
  • Consequently, kids should have to complete the mentioned tasks, whether daily, weekly, or advanced. Moreover, kids have to complete these tasks for some new learning.

Altogether, it is one of the best English apps for Kids, specially designed for Android/IOS users. So, you should add to your wish list a better app.

Little PimLittle Pim

Little Pim is one gorgeous app designed based on English learning videos. It is fully packed with information about phrases, grammar, and punctuation as well. Little Pim has offered this app and released it in 2020.

  • In this app, you will get an elegant and engaging-way which transform the enjoyment of kid into learning.
  • Moreover, it also tells the kids about daily useable foods, things, colors, and places names. It also enhances the capability of reading and listening through phrases and sentences as well.
  • Not only this, it will provide the children the funny content clips for learning the English language.
  • Subsequently, children will start about the English world’s journey, Which is full of fun. And it is a useful way to learn the language properly.

Little Pim is one of the decent apps for android and IOS users. You can quickly get this app from any online store, whether from the iTunes app store or the play store.


As an overview of this article, you’ve seen the best English learning apps for kids. It might be possible you’ve liked one or two apps in it. I’ve gathered the best material about learning apps for kids above here. Now, it’s your turn. So, don’t get late because it’s a matter of a kid’s future.

English is an international language. The best way to learn this language is to practice this language in front of your kids daily. You may use it when you give an apple or fruit to your kids. Moreover, you can give it to speak in an English phrase. Then, your kid would never feel shy. And, he will also learn this language quickly. Subsequently, it will play a vital role in the grooming of your child.

And your kid will never disappoint at any stage in life because of the language barrier.

So, give a precious gift to your child via English learning. Then, he will explore more and more in any part of life. One day, he will be proud of you regarding this cause, especially.


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