Best Running Apps for Android- Top Ten

Are you looking for some best running apps for Android? In today’s world, almost all our curiosities are bound with our smartphones & gadgets as gadgets have taken place all our physical activities & made it easier to portray all things on only one screen. So, what about using a running app on Android? It’s also available there.

Running app offers many features like built-in sensors to track your speed, traveled distances, roundups, burned calories, and much stuff that keep you updated about your workout.

Are you getting tense about your daily workout statics? Don’t you know any app for running which can monitor your running?

As I’ve noted about running apps, it’s hard to find Android’s best running apps. Plenty of apps, whether paid or free, are also available.

In this regard, I’ve pointed out some fantastic stuff for our fitness lovers; whether you’re an android or iPhone user, these apps give your statistics whenever you run again.

Let’s find out your best app for your next run from here!

Ten Best Running Apps for Android

Runkeeper- Best Run Tracking App

Runkeeper- running apps for Android

Runkeeper is an exciting and one of the best running apps for Android. It has various features, including tracking tools, statics of your progress, training staff, and much more.

ASICS has offered this excellent app and released it back in 2010. Around 1-crore fitness lovers have downloaded this app. Runkeeper has earned much fame. It is a gorgeous app where you can set goals and track your progress over time easily.

  • Runkeeper is available in multiple versions, and you can use it in free mode.
  • It also gives you moderate guidelines that keep your performance updated.
  • On the other hand, it also has a premium pro package where you will enjoy its funny stuff. In the paid version, you can achieve a monthly or yearly subscription in it.
  • You get pre-planned routes and map your walk easily.
  • In Runkeeper, get audio clips of fitness coaching about your calorie count, pace, and speed.
  • On the other hand, you can enjoy delightful music and audios that will make your day marvelous.
  • Runkeeper gives you an advantage over your statics. You can share your stats with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.
  • Furthermore, you can compete with your friends in the running while achieving its multiple benchmarks.
  • The main thing about the Runkeeper includes it is available in Bluetooth devices, watches, and wear OS.
  • Use this app on your wristwatch to track your stats quickly.

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Run with map my run (Android, IOS)

Run with map my run running apps for Android

Running with map my run is a GPS-supported app where you can count your running, walking & even your heartbeat. MapMyFitness has designed this app and released it back in 2010. Around 10M users have downloaded this app for their fitness.

  • It displays your starting point & end-up statics of your running. It is available in free & premium versions.
  • In run with map my run, you can work out in your home. It has designed different daily workout plans for you to complete other tasks & make yourself fit.
  • In the case of training, it also has a schedule of activity where fitness experts’ audios are also available.
  • Even you can keep fit yourself by doing these exercises, and you have to complete the 30-days multiple challenges.
  • Run with map my run also supports a variety of other tracker-running apps include wearing OS, Nike, Adidas, and heart rate trackers as well.
  • Furthermore, you can get audios music and visuals results of your daily workout. Then you can analyze yourself quickly.
  • This app looks at your calorie burn and fatness, especially.

It is the best GPS app for Android, which gives the facility to map your running through different sensors and phone’s GPS to measure speed, traveled distance & follow your workout’s daily tasks.

When you get its premium subscription, you can enjoy its different features and analyze yourself quickly to get your runout statistics.

The best thing about premium pro includes getting its beneficial features with no ADS.

3.     Weight loss running

Weight loss running running apps for Android

Weight loss running app brings a complete package for runners, fitness lovers, and workout enthusiasts. It has stunning features that will make you healthy and fit & give you an update on your daily exercise track.

Verv Inc has designed this fat-burn app and released it back in 2015. It is one of the best running apps for Android, which will help you have your dream body form if you follow its daily plan and instruction.

  • Moreover, it also helps to lose your weight quickly by following their daily tasks.
  • It also has significant features include a diet plan, running path, and weight loss ideas that make you fit and active.
  • This app’s rigid focus on weight loss is where you can follow its unique plan for your fatness, especially.
  • Moreover, it is a cool app designed for multiple goals, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or in-advance level. You will get your appropriate plan from it and burn your calories quickly.
  • It is an exciting app that also brings a stunning feature of music & audio coaching that makes your walk attractive and enjoyable.
  • In weight loss running, you can get training from expert coaches. It gives you useful ideas for your diet and fitness plan.
  • Classical and hip hop music gives you real motivation for your exercise. It fuels you to keep making progress ahead. You will achieve your desired point.
  • Weight loss running is available in both versions, whether you can get it for free or pay. In the case of a premium pro subscription, you will get additional coaching options, training plans, and removing ad facilities.

Weight loss is a fitness tracker app.

Endomondo-Best GPS app for Android

Endomondo-Best GPS app for Android

Endomondo is one of the best running apps for Android. It has many features, including per-day challenges, fitness tracking, path analysis & wearable patches. has designed this running app and released it back in 2018.

  • Endomondo has installed a runtime fitness tracker that tracks your speed and pace of your running.
  • You can do the track exercises that allow you to record your path; it also supports my Samsung gear, googles fit, and plenty of other branded wearables.
  • You have to keep in mind about its paid subscription. It is possible to find the best alternate for it, which gives you the same features.
  • It can be over expensive but has a brand value as well.

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Strava Running and cycling (android, IOS)

Strava Running and cycling

It is a top-trending app for running and the best running app for Android. Strava inc has designed this app and released it back in 2013.

  • It has pretty competitive and gamified features that record your running, traveled distance, burnt fats & speed.
  • It has supported multiple trackers wear OS, apple watch, and Nike that can map out your distances & speed.
  • So, it is the best option to use a cheap app that gives you all smart features.

Strava running can map your run distance.

Runtastic- Best Free Running App

Runtastic- Best Free Running App

Runtastic is a great app for running. It has all those features you need most while running: goals, voice coaching, and workout plans.

  • It supported some stunning apps such as wearable OS, life sum, and Google fit. Its premium package seems confusing to many users.
  • I wouldn’t say I like its monthly and yearly subscription. It isn’t charming. You can run this app in the free version. Now, Adidas has run this app.
  • Adidas has designed the Runtastic. It is a feature-rich app.

Runtastic is falling in one of those apps, which are the best free fitness apps.

Nike run club- Best Android Running app

Nike run club- Best Android Running app

Nike run is a decent running app where you can generally get all the essential features you need.

  • It displays the run tracker, speed tracker, and plenty of tasks that push and motivate you to achieve the mentioned benchmarks as much as you can.
  • Moreover, you can get weakly and monthly base challenges along with your social stuff and fun from it. Nike run club also supported the different wearable gadgets, including Bluetooth,
  • Digital watches give you easiness and track your multiple things like workout, speed, jogging, and burned calories.

Nike run club is a free app that you can use on your Androids and IOS. So, count this app into your wishlist, especially.

8.     Adidas running (Android, IOS)

Adidas running

Adidas running is a cool app with configurable features, including stunning tasks, route plans, interval training, and much more in it.

Since its release in 2010, soon, it became a popular app that has earned much fame, especially. Around 50M users have downloaded this excellent runner app. Runtastic has designed this running app.

  • In Adidas, you can use it via GPS.
  • It offers a comfortable tracking facility, extra motivation, and running metrics. It is one of the best Android running apps that cheer you with classical music.
  • You can know your workout analysis daily. Furthermore, you can see all functions in one app. It also elated with some brand name apps. Some of them are available in the paid version. On the other hand, some are available in the free version as well.
  • Another good thing about Adidas, you can create the Adidas community in Adidas runner. You can suggest to your friend as well.
  • Furthermore, you can make a community of your friends.

And engage with yourself in this community and compete with your friends. Moreover, you can share the statics of your daily challenges with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

Adidas is indeed one of the best running android apps. It is available for Android and IOS users.

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Google fit- Android Running App

Google fit- Android Running App

Google fit is a decent running app where you can track your exercise easily. It is an appropriate option to use this app as a free version. Google LLC has designed this app and released it in 2014

  • It has multiple features that will increase the curiosity of users to the unit. Your run-track analysis burned calories and give you updates about daily tasks in it.
  • It has some flaws, but the best thing is to support big brands like wear OS, life sum, strive, and Nike.
  • However, much of the audience would deny it for the unavailability of extraordinary features.

10.Couch to 5k by RunDouble

Couch to 5k by RunDouble

Couch to 5k by RunDouble is a gently useable app that provides your’s best training course about running and jogging. RunDouble C25K has designed this mind-blowing fitness app and released it in 2011.

  • You can build your stamina while taking these knowledgeable classes. It has a virtual coach that can record its audios to guide about the workout and motivate you to keep running in progress.
  • Furthermore, it also gives you helpful advice to follow your daily tasks, weakly, and monthly challenges.
  • You will update the analysis of your progress, and has designed this excellent app.

Couch to 5k by run double is one of the best free android apps 2021. It has been designed for android and ios users, especially.


Altogether, a running app plays a vital role in displaying the daily statics of your daily workout. In this regard, you can determine the actual results and statics quickly. Moreover, you’ve noticed all the running apps that I’ve gathered above.

Plenty of apps are worth enough because of extraordinary features. Some of them have the paid version.

But you have to focus on the features of all the running apps, especially if anyone offers you some extra features, including a touch of delightful music, additional running plans, tracking your stats, and a lot in its paid version. You have to get its premium subscription.

On the other hand, it offers you the same features as the free version. Then, the free version is suitable for you in that cause.

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