The Three Best Platform for Starting a Business Blog


Writing a blog is a part-time or full-time internet business that doesn’t need you to quit your day job. We discovered previously that bloggers with a sizable following and a strong monetization network may quickly generate a nice side income. There are three networks where you can quickly set up your own blog and begin publishing content on the internet today in Quick Tips.

WordPress, an open-source content management system that is free to use, powers 27% of the web.A large community constantly releases plugins and updates to improve the platform, which is built around PHP and MySQL at its heart. To get started, simply join up with one of their hosting providers, pick a theme, and you’re good to go. We have a 5-minute WordPress tutorial that will get you up and running in no time.


The service is provided free of charge by Google. To get started, all you need to do is purchase a domain name and link it to your Blogger account. Blogger’s main technologies are XHTML and Python, and the platform comes with hundreds of pre-built templates and guides on how to install them. To make your blog search engine friendly, you’ll need to make a few adjustments here and there.

As a platform for storytellers, Medium is unbeatable, and it recently began compensating its authors depending on how much their material is liked by readers. It features a clean, uncluttered interface that removes distractions like advertisements and clutter, allowing you to concentrate just on creating great content. If you only want to focus on narrative without having to bother about website administration, Medium is an excellent choice because it receives over 100 million monthly visits.

Business Blog

Create a Business Blog

The current ecommerce craze is blogs. Marketers use blogs to promote companies, goods, concepts, and other objectives. A business blog is one that is written and maintained by or on behalf of a company in order to further the objectives of that company. When it comes to external communication, the possible benefits include better relationships with key target audiences and a more authoritative position for the publishing company. It is common to refer to blogs in these ways as well: as platforms for communication, interaction, and knowledge transfer.

Once a company has a blog, they can connect with their target audience immediately and effectively. As more individuals get access to the internet, they’ll expect more from online newsletters and traditional PR responses. The days of merely spoon-feeding clients information are over. Everyone wants to engage in a conversation—a fruitful exchange of ideas. Customers also want to know that companies are paying attention to their suggestions and listening to what they have to say.

There are several economic benefits to blogging, especially in less connected countries like Pakistan. Blogs are just another method of presentation, like video, print, audio, or any of the others. Such viral marketing, often known as “word of mouse” marketing, is effective because it fosters closer ties with key target audiences.

Business Blog

Who is the best person to write a blog for a company? In an ideal world, blogs would be written by front-line employees who know the firm inside and out. This powerful tool may also be used by marketing experts. Professional writers can be hired by organisations to blog on their behalf under the company’s name, or organisations can blog on their own behalf. Internal bloggers may learn to write in their own voice and produce material for a company blog based on the feedback and information they get from the audience. External bloggers, on the other hand, can look at a firm objectively and provide new marketing methods and ideas. Using marketing materials, reports, and other information from the firm, external bloggers may learn about what the company does and how the product is best marketed through blogging.

It used to be that online marketing and websites didn’t gain much traction in Pakistan due to the country’s evident “digital gap,” which is caused by individual differences in wealth and educational attainment as well as psychological factors such as age and gender. The tide has turned in the right direction. Now that the scene has been set, Pakistan’s business sector may use blogging as a way to reach out to customers and capitalise on the potential. However, local companies have taken note of the rising popularity and importance of these Internet postings, not to mention all the buzz that corporate blogging can generate, especially when used in conjunction with SEO or to target a specific online audience.

Business Blog

Business can not ignore blogs since they are the most explosive development in the information era since the Internet itself, as I’ll explain later on. Blogs are already causing havoc in virtually every industry in the rest of the world. It’s impossible for any firm in the future to ignore blogs if they become commonplace. In light of the upcoming developments, blogs are no longer an option but rather a need for each business. In the same way that blogs can be everywhere else, the internet can be a welcoming place for small companies looking to expand globally. Bloggers in Pakistan are very talented. They know a lot about writing for corporations. Every blogger community in the globe can learn from and benefit from what they’ve accomplished. Increases in both Internet availability and user numbers can be seen all around us. Even internet shopping is becoming increasingly popular. Blogging has the potential to benefit any business in both the short and long term. They also state that you have a global audience.

No matter how big or little your company is, I propose that you create a blog in order to start thinking outside of the four “p” paradigm of marketing.


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