Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Many of us are feverishly filling our Amazon carts and double-checking our lists to ensure that we have covered everyone on our current inventory. We’ll struggle through the days until Christmas Eve, glance up, and realize that Christmas has here, whether we like it or not. How can we make Christmas Eve its special day, rather than having it pass us?

Christmas Eve, unlike other holidays, is a celebration of anticipation. You might say the same thing about New Year’s Eve, but unlike Christmas morning, when we all wake up to presents and cinnamon buns, New Year’s Day is relatively quiet. Aside from the unavoidable gym subscription, that is.

We enjoy our final minutes of preparation for Christmas Day on Christmas Eve. The day is full of urgency since we’re wrapping presents, preparing pies, and stuffing stockings before dawn. It’s all about the countdown for gifts for youngsters.

Perhaps you’ve already planned your Christmas Eve celebrations. Maybe you’ll wing it and hope for the best. In any case, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Christmas Eve traditions for you to include. These suggestions are intended to assist you in your preparation and ensure that you enjoy the most refined party ever.
In the United Kingdom, Christmas Eve parcels are a relatively new practice! I believe we’ve combined Christmas Eve customs from several nations to create our unique tradition, which is an excellent small package full of treats on Christmas Eve.

What is the purpose of a Christmas Eve box?

Christmas Eve
A Christmas Eve box is a unique package that you give to your loved ones on Christmas Eve. It’ll almost always include a few surprise delights to make Christmas Eve even more thrilling! Your box may be anything you want it to be, although customized wooden boxes are popular


The following items are commonly seen in children’s Christmas Eve boxes:

  • Christmas jammies with a twist
  • Slippers that are brand new
  • Before going to bed, read a Christmas story.
  • When Santa comes, have some hot chocolate to help you sleep.
  • Reindeer grub

Adults’ Christmas Eve boxes are often more food and drink focused and may include:

  • New pajamas and slippers
  • a bottle of hot water
  • A new cup has arrived.
  • Chocolate in a cup (or favorite hot drink)
  • Wine
  • Baileys
  • Port (or other festive libations!)
  • Cheese and crackers, as well as some tasty chutneys
  • Delicious biscuits/dessert
  • Bath bomb/bubble bath
  • A present for your other half that you don’t want your family or children to see!

Christmas Eve

It may appear to be an additional onerous duty (and more expenditure!) on your Christmas to-do list. But it’s usually just a few odds and ends you’d have bought regardless. A Christmas Eve Box is just a bunch of stocking stuffers wrapped together into something enjoyable.

Throughout the holidays, I try to avoid the materialistic ‘buy, buy, buy’ mindset, but I adore the Christmas Eve box tradition. It adds to the thrill of Christmas, primarily because Santa’s elves deliver our packages!


Why are we making changes to the Christmas Eve box tradition?

Christmas Eve

We’ve given our kids Christmas Eve boxes for the previous two years, but this year I’m breaking the tradition. On December 1st, they’ll receive their ‘Christmas Eve package.’

The goal is to lengthen the joyous, magical time leading up to Christmas while also getting more usage out of those Christmas gifts.

It seems a waste to spend money on Christmas books and new PJs only to have them worn or read a few times before being hidden away in the back of a drawer! The Christmas books will be available again the following year, but the pajamas will likely be too small.

What Does a December 1st Box Contain?

A December 1st Box is identical to a Christmas Eve Box; only it arrives with your advent calendar on December 1st. When they drop off the kids’ advent calendars, the elves will bring our parcels, and they’ll peek in to make sure everyone is behaving!

Tradition requires that you wait until Christmas Eve to bring your Christmas tree home and decorate it. On the other hand, we have always believed in creating our traditions. Especially this year.

Whether you’re bringing your tree home today or have had it up since Halloween, the moment when everything ‘simply stops’ for Christmas is quite impressive.

Take a slow breath or two and whisper to yourself: “it’s nearly here!” as you drag your tree into the house and shut the front door on the cold, or finally close the laptop and pour yourself a sherry; or shuffle in from the garden, plonk the bags of sprout stalks and parsnips down on the table, take off your coat, and put Carols from Kings on the radio.


From all of us at The Simple Things, we wish you a very Merry Christmas.

letter from Santa Claus:

Christmas Eve

Christmas PJs:

Christmas Eve

A coloring book for the holidays

An activity/sticker book for the holidays

A festive notebook


Christmas Eve



Santa Claus is made with chocolate:

Christmas Eve

A gingerbread man cookie cutter:Christmas Eve

A toothbrush :

So that’s what we placed in our Christmas Eve boxes this year, and I hope you have some ideas for yours as well! Also, if anyone else is planning on handing these out early with me, please let me know!

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