How to Earn Money from a Blog for beginners (Complete Guide)

How Bloggers Earn Money from a blog – A introduction for beginners

The blog you’re currently reading is a real-world example of a blog that makes Money Earn Money from a blog. This guide aims to guide you through how to earn money blogging by avoiding mistakes and spending time on things that don’t help your primary goal.

This blog is targeted at newbies. Since I can remember, when I first started blogging (in 2021) it was difficult to grasp how blogging could assist you in earning Money.

The process took me a few years to understand the whole picture and figure out why I was not doing it right and the best way to turn things around.

I hope this step-by-step guide will lead you on the right track from the beginning and provide you with a solid program to follow to produce results in the most efficient feasible manner.

The rewards of establishing your successful blog aren’t just the amount of Money. More importantly, the sense of achievement and satisfaction comes from creating your own business that doesn’t rely on anyone other than your abilities and talents.


How To Earn Money From a Blog?

Here are the seven steps you must follow to earn Money from blogging.


  1. Create your self-hosted blog.
  2. Begin publishing unique content
  3. Create an organic flow of traffic on your site
  4. Create a buzz around your brand
  5. Begin to earn Money through selling advertisements
  6. Earn Money through the sale of the products you create or services.
  7. Earn Money from affiliate marketing

Step 1: Create your self-hosted blog.

How To Earn Money From a Blog

This could be the most simple step to take. Nowadays, it’s simple to sign up for a domain and create your blog. All you require is a bit of assistance and some pointers to the proper direction.

I won’t get into all the specifics of starting your blog. But, the best part is we’ve got you covered. How to Start a Website guide (opens in an entirely new tab) contains all the information you need.

In short, It covers subjects:

How do I get a domain name registered?

* How to sign-up to host

* How to set up WordPress

How do you start your blog!

This is a complete guide written by a beginner to blogging, and it will save you the time of searching for this information on the internet and relieve you of a lot of anxiety.

Step 2: Begin to publish excellent content.

How To Earn Money From a Blog

If you’ve got a website that’s up and up and running, great!

It’s time to move on involved in one of the challenging and demanding tasks in blogging, and that’s nothing but creating the content for your website.

In the end, it is essential to be aware from the beginning of what content matters to the success of your blog.

Fantastic (good great, excellent great, wonderful, or excellent You can pick) content will earn your site traffic (we will discuss below how) Credibility and make you Money (in various ways).

Step 3: Boost an organic audience for your blog

How To Earn Money From a Blog

Let’s review the journey up to now.

The initial step should be to sign up for your domain and then set up your blog.

Your next step is to determine the subjects you want to write about in your blog and to master the process of keyword research.

It is the next thing to do to begin creating organic traffic for your blog. This is what I will talk about in this section.

You have created organic traffic to earn Money through the blog, not just traffic from other sources. For example, organic traffic is generated by the search engine (mainly Google).

The thing that makes organic traffic superior to another source of traffic is the user’s intent.

The person who typed the query into Google’s search box has a clear intention. They are trying to find the answer to a question or are looking to find out more or get information, or perhaps purchase an item.

Step 4: Form an online community around your brand

How To Earn Money From a Blog

When you’ve created a fantastic blog and traffic begins to pour into your blog, the second step will be to build an audience for your brand.

Before you can make the sale (conversions) before making any sales (conversions), you have to earn the user’s confidence, which is accomplished by building a community.

Note that I used the term “brand” and not just blog. This is done for a reason.

At this point, you must not think of your blog as a hobby, but you must alter your thinking and think about it as the way you approach real business.

Step 5: Begin making Money selling advertisements.

How To Earn Money From a Blog


Did you realize the number of things you have to accomplish to reach the making money part?

While this post on the subject is all about earning Money from your blog, more than three-quarters of the content is connected to the prior activities, and that is how blogging for money functions as a real-world business.

To be reminded that it is essential to recognize that you may not make Money through your blog if you:

It’s not enough that you have organic traffic

If you don’t own an adequate email list

* You don’t have a group of faithful followers. It’s not possible to have any content that can be converted If you’ve accomplished the above tasks, Let’s find out how you can earn cash online and then reward yourself with the laborious work you’ve put in.

Step 6: Earn Money selling your goods or services.

How To Earn Money From a Blog

I’ve already mentioned that I do not use AdSense in this blog. The reason for this is quite simple. The goal of this blog isn’t to earn money from advertising, but it’s a channel I use to market my SEO courses and Digital advertising services.

Consider this in the following approach: If you can sell ads on your blog, what happens? You only receive a small portion of the revenue as 30% is paid to the middleman (advertising business) while the advertiser earns Money from your content and hard work.

To reduce the amount of money you lose, You should think about making or selling your products and services.

Of course, it’s not as simple as it seems. It takes a lot of energy and effort to produce products that people would want to spend. However, it’s the best method to create a lasting online business.

Creating your products can increase your profits, and you can be sure that every effort you put into getting more traffic will result in more sales.

The most straightforward type of products to make and sell on your blog are ebooks and online classes.

Step 7: Earn Money by promoting affiliate marketing

How To Earn Money From a Blog

Not to be left out, an alternative method of earning money through your blog is to sell other people’s goods (digital and physical) in exchange for an amount of commission.

The term affiliate marketing also knows it. Here’s a brief outline of the procedure.

* You decide which items you’d like to advertise

* You sign up for an affiliate marketing programme. you receive an exclusive link and banner to make use of

* Include the banners/links to your blog.

* When someone clicks those links, will be redirect to the site of the service provider

* If they purchase, you will receive the agreed-upon commission

It sounds nice.


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