How to Play Android Games on a PC in 2021


Mobile gaming is controversial. There is a lot of debate about the efficacy of mobile gaming. It’s not always easy to play games on a small screen. You may not always have your smartphone with you. Many people enjoy playing games on their computers.


We’ll use the tried-and-true emulation techniques on your computer to run Android games. Of course, this means that your PC must be capable of running the necessary software to emulate Android software and games.

Once a standard feature, emulators were used by many to run two operating systems on one device. They aren’t as popular today due to cross-platform functionality. They are, however, the best way to play Android games on your computer in such situations.


There are many Android emulators available for Windows today, including the Android emulator developed by Google to assist developers in creating and publishing their apps. However, BlueStacks Emulator is the trusted and most popular choice for this article.

How to Play Android Games on a PC in 2021

How to install BlueStacks on your PC

BlueStacks is available for download from their website.

BlueStacks can be installed on your computer in the same way as any other third-party software. However, the installation may take up to a few minutes. Here are the steps to download BlueStacks Emulator.

Tap ‘Install Now’ on the BlueStacks website.

The download file will be located at the bottom of your browser in the lower-left corner. When Windows asks you if you would like the program to make any changes to your computer, click that link and then click “Yes”. Please note: The downloaded file should be titled ‘BlueStacks.

BlueStacks will automatically open once you have followed the prompts. If BlueStacks doesn’t open automatically, you can search for it in the search bar at your bottom and click on the icon to open it.

How to Play Android Games on a PC

It’s not as easy as just opening an Android game and playing. BlueStacks Emulator stores your game and any progress. So there are only a few steps to play.

BlueStacks can be opened from your desktop, or you can search for it by entering ‘BlueStacks’ into the search bar.

Wait for BlueStacks’s loading process to complete before the game appears on the BlueStacks interface.

Double-click the icon to open it. Note: You might want to monitor your GPU when you first run the software.

You can now play your Android game on your computer.

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