How to Print WhatsApp Messages on iPhone and Android

How to print WhatsApp messages.?? How to print WhatsApp photos as soon as mention to speaking iPhone and Android?? More than 3 billion downloads, WhatsApp Messenger is the most and fastly downloaded messaging app. WhatsApp lets you send and get your hands on messages, images, videos, and credit multimedia files freely. Some people took screenshots of WhatsApp chats, archives along with the print of these screenshots. While I have a message that takes a lot of time to take screenshots. The messages are not continuous with printed out.

So to print WhatsApp messages, you can use dr. fone – Restore Social App (iOS). So it is in objection to export and print WhatsApp messages from your iPhone, iTunes backup file, or iCloud backup file as printable HTML or XML files concern your computer. However, if you want to print WhatsApp messages for some contacts. You can submit the right area for this purpose.

There are many cases for which you showing off to look a copy of your conversation. Furthermore, you can collect evidence of those chats.

Either, there are three ways to print out your WhatsApp conversation.

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How to print WhatsApp messages on the iPhone?

How to print WhatsApp messages on iPhone

Dr.fone – Restore Social App (iOS) is the software to restructure WhatsApp messages. World’s #1 data recovery tool for iPhone, iPad, and iPod is the iOS. It can answer you for deleted or missing data. So, you can transfer your WhatsApp messages to your computer. Now you can take print Messages easily.

Methods of how to print messages apropos the iPhone???

You can use the following methods to print chat history.

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How to print WhatsApp chat records via email?


You can print WhatsApp chat records that are stored in your Android/iOS device. Actually, you can easily realize by using an email. Let’s receive a new started.

Open your WhatsApp and going on WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat History > Email speak.

Next, it will show you to pick a conversation to send to your mailbox.TXT format.

Then you sign in to your email account on your computer, download the records, TXT file and print it out.

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How to print chat chronicles concerning iPhone?


Open the conversation which you want to print. Type this chat in your email account and send the speak archives. After that, back your mailbox to download and print the chats.

This method is a tiny bit troublesome. Yet, if you want to print the deleted WhatsApp chats you can do also.

How to print WhatsApp chat via WhatsMate?


To print some WhatsApp conversations from mobile for a perform fighting. They have been deleted accidentally or as soon as internet connection stops. In order to print those WhatsApp messages, you must have to recover them first.

So you needn’t hardship. WhatsMate will harshly work with you, to recover WhatsApp data from Android/iPhone though you don’t have a backup. Instead, not only printe WhatsApp messages, but along to print WhatsApp photos, call archives, and associates. This program supports all popular phones, such as iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S8+, Samsung Galaxy Note series, Sony XZ Premium, HTC U11, Xiaomi 6, OnePlus 3T, Huawei P10 and etc.

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How to print WhatsApp messages on iPhone?


Connect your iPhone,

Run dr.fone, from your computer and save your iPhone. Then pick “Restore Social App”. Then you’ll see the window.

For printing, WhatsApp conversations deeply from your iPhone, “Backup WhatsApp messages“. Then click “Backup”.

After that, you can preview all found data in the scan result. For WhatsApp chats, click “WhatsApp” on the left side of the window. You can enter in the details. Check them one by one and tick off those you headache to print. After checking the items that you demonstrative to print, click vis–vis the print icon vis–vis the intensity of the window.

Then you can preview the WhatsApp messages for printing. You can become arrange the size of the page. Now click in the region of speaking to print icon WhatsApp messages directly. Before being in-fighting-court engagement, it, make freedom that your computer has been linked to a printer first.

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How to print Whatsapp chats without using any software?


So you can’t print WhatsApp messages from the app itself. It is a bit complicated even though. Use the linked steps to print out your messages without using any outside third party software:

Step 1: Open WhatsApp application in defense of your Android device.

Step 2: Now entre the conversation symbol to declare you will print out.  After you have opened the chat window of that person You can tap on the three-dotted menu option, going upon for the severity right corner and click in the bank account to More.

Step 3: Once you click upon the more, you will ventilate a pop going upon the screen. From there, you have to click upon the perform, says Email Conversation.

Step 4: Now you tap vis–vis Email Conversation, you will be prompt behind two options. Whether to Email Conversation from media or without media. If you tap upon the order of addition to media when every multimedia files such as pictures, video, audio. For that reason in symbol to be emailed to you and if you tap vis–vis without media. It will email conversation without any multimedia files.

Step 5: After you pick a choice, you will tune pop happening behind. We are going to flexibility to Gmail as an example in this furthermore. So, simply tap to the Gmail icon.

Step 6: When you click upon the Gmail icon, the full conversation will be attached to Gmail.  You will have to seize in an email ID. In which you send the conversation. Your impression of the full-text conversation lists valuable clicks upon the print icon, or press CTRL+P simultaneously to print each and every conversation.

Step 7: Open Gmail from a computer or laptop and locate the email and detain it. Use the web symbol for the image and text attached.

Step 8: If you are using Google Chrome as your default browser, well you will be capable to save a PDF file of the conversation too.

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