How to Record WhatsApp calls on iPhone/Android

How to Record WhatsApp calls? WhatsApp is the most popular chatting and calling application. It is famous among smartphone users. Because of its easy use, end-to-end encryption, internet-based free calling, and texting, worldwide availability it offers private as well as group video and audio calling features, etc. People using WhatsApp for social as well as business purposes. But many users want to record WhatsApp calls.  It also offers the sending and receiving facility of messages, pictures, videos, documents, and also provides emojis, gifs, stickers. But record WhatsApp calls facility is not available directly.

Many people are living away from their loved ones. Their family, and friends. They want to record the calls to save their memories and watch later. Moreover, there are different reasons to record calls but some apps available to record only normal calls don’t record WhatsApp calls.

There are various apps available that can record WhatsApp phone calls. They record audios as well as video calls too. Depending on the device, one can use these useful applications.

Process How to Record WhatsApp Calls?

How to record calls by Real Whatsapp Call Recorder

The question, how to record WhatsApp calls is answered in this article. There are some best WhatsApp call recording apps that will definitely fulfill your requirements.

  • Messenger Call Recorder
  • Real Call Recorder
  • Cube Call Recorder

How to Record Whatsapp Calls on Messenger?

Messenger call recorder is an amazing application as it automatically saves the call recordings on your phone. Another good feature is that it is a battery saver. As the application runs constantly in the background. This app minimizes the battery and memory consumption of the phone. It saves the recording in high quality. It also provides Hindi Lyrics data and time sorting feasibility. One can mark the recording as a favorite as well. The specific duration of the call is easily edited and saved. While the unnecessary portion from the call recording is removed.

How to record calls by Real Whatsapp Call Recorder?

Another app is Real Call Recorder is also used to record WhatsApp calls. This app is for those users who ask how to record WhatsApp calls secretly. Because it not only record calls but also supports other calling apps. Such as Viber, Skype, FB messenger, IMO, Line, Hangouts, etc. All the conversations are recorded automatically on the phone. Call recordings are easy to play. The recordings are saved in .mp3 format. Therefore, user can listen, rewind, replay and pause the recording easily using any device. Another important feature is that the recordings are easy to share via social media platforms.

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How to record by Cube Call Recorder?

Cube Call Recorder is a multitasking app. It can record normal calls as well as messenger calls including WhatsApp, IMO, FB, Skype, Telegram, Line, Hangouts and more. You can set the default recording option for all the incoming calls or set it for a specific call also. The app is completely free. If it supports your device it is all the thing you need.

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 How Can We Use the Apps to Record Video?

Here we will discuss the best applications to record WhatsApp calls. Specifically, the video or screen capturing. It is clarified that these apps are screen recording apps and are used to record the screen activities of your phone. It’s not a WhatsApp video calls recorder but it completes this task too.

  • Screen Recorder
  • AZ Screen Recorder
  • MobiZen Screen recorder
  • DU Screen Recorder

Rec. Screen Recorder application is used to save the on-screen activities. Therefore, it is used to this. The app is suitable for the Android 5.0 version. For Android 6.0 to 9.0 versions, the user needs to root the device before using this application.

AZ Screen Recorder is free, easy to use and adds a free application. The video is easy to record without time limitation. No device root is required. It does not show and watermarks on the recorded activities. It also provides an amazing feature that if you accidentally lost the content, you can recover the recordings in android phones. There are many other features in this app, including the change frame rate and resolution of the video. Screen touch visual, record the external voice (needs to root the device for the last feature) are also available.

MobiZen Screen recorder is also a free and high rated application. According to some people, it is difficult to use. If you can use this application if feasible.

DU Screen Recorder is another free app for the recording of the screen in high quality. It will surely record WhatsApp calls. Google play store is the way to install these applications

How to record on iPhone?

The iPhone users can also record WhatsApp calls using these awful applications.

  • AceThinker Mirror
  • iPhone Screen Recorder

If you want to record both audio and video call then, AceThinker Mirror is the recommended app. It also provides the screenshot feature so that the current screen can be captured. You can also connect your iOS device with your PC and view your phone screen activities on PC. It is a good way to watch movies on a big screen.

iPhone Screen Recorder is also a reliable application in order to record. It is also applicable to iPhones, iPads, iPods. IOS users who want to record their WhatsApp conversations should download this app on their PC. Then connect your device with your PC using AirPlay. Make sure both devices and PC are connected to the same internet connection. Afterward, start a video call and record. The recorded content is saved in your device. Content is available in the file location.

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How to Record?

If you desire to record WhatsApp video calls on the PC, BlueStacks APP player is the tool required. First, download and install this app. Then install WhatsApp in BlueStacks APP. Open your WhatsApp account in this app. This will enable video calling on PC.

For recording these WhatsApp video calls, Filmora Scrn is the best one. Download and install this software. Explore the features, set the parameters, record the videos and watch it later. You can edit your recorded clips and convert the format. You can save it on your PC and share it through social media. Moreover, WhatsApp chats are easy to record and exportable to GIFs.

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