How to Select the Best WordPress Hosting for 2021 (Compared)

Many people do not realize that web hosting is among the essential elements of a successful website. Making the best WordPress hosting service for your needs can boost your SEO and increase sales. There are various WordPress hosting options, including Shared, Free VPS, dedicated or controlled WordPress hosting. In this article, we’ll help you pick the right WordPress hosting option for your site.

statusdays is the most popular Free WordPress resource site, which receives millions of pageviews each month. With over 400,000+ users and many years of working with WordPress hosting providers, We know the importance of selecting the most reliable WordPress hosting service.

This article aims to provide our more than 15 years of experience and knowledge about the factors you must think about when selecting the right hosting provider for your company.

To help you make the best choice, We have also analyzed two of the best WordPress hosting providers, including tests for speed, uptime, and a reliability test (scroll to view the complete comparison).

If you’re on the run or need to be in a hurry, check out the table below that contains our carefully selected list of top WordPress hosting providers. They are the best WordPress hosting providers in the business for quality and customer service.

The Best WordPress Hosting Comparative (2021)

After examining the most popular WordPress hosting providers listed above, you may be contemplating which one is the most suitable for your company?

To assist you in choosing the most suitable WordPress hosting solution, we’ve made a few additional resources available to you to use:

WordPress Hosting Quiz

The most detailed WordPress Hosting Performance Analysis

Side-by-Side WordPress Hosting Comparison of WordPress Features

WordPress Hosting (Infographic)

WordPress Hosting FAQs

We want to assist you in making the right choice because selecting the wrong service provider could negatively impact your website’s SEO speed, speed and sales.

WordPress Hosting Quiz

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the information. Most people read this article and then contact us for an individual recommendation regarding the best WordPress hosting service most suitable for their requirements.

To speed up this process, our team has made this easier; we have created a WordPress host recommendation tool that will assist you in choosing the most suitable WordPress hosting option for you, based on your requirements.

All you need to do is to answer the questions on the following widget accurately.

If you’re still looking for personalized WordPress professional assistance in choosing the most suitable WordPress hosting service, contact us via the contact us form. A member of our team will get back to you in 24 hours.

A detailed WordPress Hosting Performance Analysis

statusdays has been deemed the best and most reliable WordPress source site because all of our opinions are built upon factual information and experiences.

Contrary to other WordPress hosting review sites that copy words straight from press releases of hosting providers, we join with each hosting company and evaluate their offerings.

We utilize independent third-party tools such as Pingdom, LoadImpact, and Bitcatcha to assess the reliability and performance of each business, so we can assist you in choosing the most suitable WordPress hosting option for your business.

To measure the performance of the various WordPress hosting providers accurately, we build a sample WordPress site for every hosting company and then use the standard WordPress theme. Then we upload fake content, including images and media, so that our test mimics a typical site used by users.

Then, we employ Pingdom, the industry’s leading testing service for the speed of websites, to test the speed of our website across various hosting providers.

We also utilize the Load Impact (k6) program to connect Virtual Users (V.U.) for each of our websites to determine whether the host server could simultaneously manage the additional requests coming from multiple connections. This allows us to see how each WordPress hosting company will perform during times of high traffic.

Not to be left out, We use the Bitcatcha service to check server response times across various locations, including the United States, London, Singapore, Sao Paulo, India, Sydney, and Japan. This allows us to determine which web hosting service is suitable for the location in which it is located.

Once you’ve mastered the test procedure, Let’s look at the performance of top WordPress hosting companies to find out which one is the fastest WordPress hosting service on the marketplace.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting

Bluehost is among the largest hosting providers around the globe and is an officially WordPress recommended host. The hosting packages they offer are pre-installed with WordPress as a default.

These are some of the findings of our Bluehost testing of performance:

Results of the Bluehost speed tests

Our test website launched in under two seconds. This is faster than the 85percent of the tested websites. Because our test site wasn’t using any caching plugins or speed optimization strategies, This result is impressive.

Following the speed test, we conducted after that the Load Impact testing in the Bluehost servers. We gradually increased the number of visitors to around 100 new visitors to test how the server handles the increased demand from multiple connections simultaneously.

Here’s the screenshot of the results:

The Bluehost Stress Test results

The green line indicates the number of active users on the website, while the blue line represents the server’s load time. It is evident that the server’s load was not affected during the entire test, even with traffic peaks.

We tested Bitcatcha to measure more precise server response times from different geographic areas following the load impact test.

Test of Bluehost’s response times results

The Bluehost server was exceptionally fast throughout the United States, loading under a fraction of seconds. In other countries, the response times were slightly more significant, but still under than one second.

If your intended customers are located within the United States, this is a massive benefit for your website.

In our comprehensive Bluehost review, we also looked at their customer service team and their features and pricing. Our research and evaluation have rated Bluehost as the best WordPress hosting service for small businesses looking to build websites.

PROS Sixty-three per cent off of hosting, plus Free Domain and FREE SSL (HTTPS ://), included

PROS WordPress has officially recommended WordPress

PROS Free Staging Site

Pros Included: Free CDN included

PROS Pros: Free WordPress theme and WordPress plugins are included.

CONS: Support can be slow

Begin with Bluehost

SiteGround WordPress Hosting

SiteGround is among the most well-known and highly rated hosting companies within the WordPress community. They provide premium hosting plans specifically designed for WordPress with exclusive in-house speed and security features. They’re. Also, the authorized WordPress recommended hosting service.

Notice: statusdays website is also located via SiteGround Enterprise servers, and we are incredibly grateful for their support.

Below are the results of our SiteGround testing for performance:

SiteGround speed test results

The test website was up and running in less than a second (491 milliseconds to be precise) in a test server located in Dallas, Texas. This means that our site loads quicker than the majority of test websites.

Then we conducted Load Impact testing on SiteGround servers. We gradually increased the number of unique visitors simultaneously to determine how their server could handle the increased demands from multiple connections simultaneously.

Results of the SiteGround stress test

The green line represents the number of active virtual users on the site, while the blue line indicates the time taken by the server to respond. SiteGround performed well throughout the test with no issues.

After the load-impact test, we utilized Bitcatcha to determine more precise server response times from different geographic places.

ServerGround response time from several locations

Our SiteGround test server worked extremely excellently throughout the United States, and it responded within just a fraction of a second in the other locations.

SiteGround lets you change your server’s location and select an area that is closer to your intended audience to get faster responses in the particular area.

In our in-depth SiteGround Review, we assessed their customer service features, pricing, and features. Based on our research, we conclude that SiteGround to be a fantastic choice for newbies because their support team is accommodating.

They have their server’s server platform powered by Google Cloud. In addition, they’ve built top-performing optimization tools like Ultrafast PHP, S.G. Optimizer, and more to provide even the most basic websites with a Cloud hosting service. With the exception that SiteGround costs are half the price of other popular managed WordPress hosting providers.

Pros: The best WordPress support, high time-to-uptime, fast speed and a free SSL.

PROS Numerous data centres throughout the globe (USA, Europe, Asia as well as Australia).

PROS Free Site Migration

Pros: Staging Environment, Free CDN and free WordPress themes.

Pros: statusdays site is hosted on SiteGround servers.

Cons: There’s no free domain, and prices are slightly higher because it’s premium hosting.

CONS Cons: Renewal fees are more costly.

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