How to Send GIFs in WhatsApp Android and iPhone

How to Send GIFs in WhatsApp on Android

The main purpose of this article is to tell you the easiest way to send GIFs in WhatsApp.WhatsApp is one of the most popular social media applications nowadays. So, it is used for many purposes whether it is chatting, video calling, photo sharing, etc

How to Record WhatsApp calls on iPhone/Android

How to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone

How to Record WhatsApp calls? WhatsApp is the most popular chatting and calling application. It is famous among smartphone users. Because of its easy use, end-to-end encryption, internet-based free calling, and texting,

How to Install and Use Whatsapp in PC and Laptop

Many people from different countries use Whatsapp in pc and areas so it is the most useful app all over the world. Due to its features, it is a very famous app for sending text, videos, and calls, etc.

How to Schedule Whatsapp Message on Android and iPhone

Schedule Whatsapp message by SKEDit  Scheduling App. It is a free Five in One scheduler. You can use it to schedule  WhatsApp messages, Facebook posts, calls, emails, and SMS messages. This app saves your precious time.

How to use WhatsApp on a PC

How to use WhatsApp on a PC

Do you know how to use WhatsApp on pc With over one billion users, WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular messaging program on the planet.  It allows you to send messages over an online connection, as opposed to using your text allowance, saving you money on your phone bill. 

How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

How to restore deleted whatsapp messages,Have you ever inadvertently deleted a WhatsApp conversation and regretted it instantly?  Wondering if there’s a way to get it back?  Worry not, we are here to help.  

365+ Best Heart Touching Miss You Status for WhatsApp

Miss You Status Pics

Miss you status for whatsapp is about letting your family and friends know that separation from someone has made your life sad. We meet people, develop deep connections with them, and at some point in time, we lose them.

Top 550 Best Emotional Status for Whatsapp in Hindi,English,Punjabi

Emotional Status

Lots of things come to mind when one thinks of emotional status for whatsApp. It is all about a journey on the inside. Emotions are central to every human activity. That is why even on virtual platforms such as WhatsApp when we wish to communicate something, our words cannot be devoid of emotions.

WhatsApp Punjabi Status of Love Sad Attitude

Punjabi WhatsApp Status

Whatsapp Punjabi status is the life of our social media. Punjabi is although not a language understood worldwide, but it is a very sweet and powerful language. Yes, Punjabi is a combination of sweetness but in a very aggressive and powerful manner.

680+ Best Punjabi Status for WhatsApp Love Breakup Attitude

Motivational status in punjabi

Punjabi speakers love giving Punjabi status for WhatsApp. A whatsapp status in Punjabi is a profoundly unique and sweet experience. Punjabi is a very colorful language. It is spoken in the land of Punjab – some of it exists in India and some of it is in Pakistan

750+ WhatsApp Status in Tamil about Love & Sadness 2019

Sad WhatsApp Status in Tamil

Tamil speakers love giving WhatsApp status in Tamil. Tamil language has a unique and sweet touch to it. It sounds very poetic and soothing to the ears. WhatsApp Tamil status is the new thing. Many quotes, poetry and much more is copied and used for whatsapp status in Tamil

Funny Status for Whatsapp

Lots of people love giving Funny Status for Whatsapp. A funny whatsapp status may be a joke, or just a meme, or even some humorous line that points to a cunningly tragic incident in a funny way.