Play Ludo on Your Smartphone

Yalla Ludo, an Aviva Sun game that brings the classic board game Ludo (also known as Parchis) to your mobile phone, is from Aviva Sun. The game is a perfect adaptation of the original physical match, with additional features to make it more enjoyable. For example, you can play classic domino games. In addition, it allows you to play against a real opponent and lets you chat with them using its built-in chat.

What is Yalla Ludo?

Yalla Ludo

The game is almost identical to the traditional board game. Each player starts with a ludo board with four colours. Each player will receive four tokens and be assigned a colour. You must move the four tokens from your base to the centre of the board using the same colour. For example, roll a six to bring a piece from your yard to the squares. If your base is empty, or you choose to move a bit six more times, you can take a token from it.

A player who has not rolled six dice and has no tokens in play will lose their turn. Players must always move according to the value of each die rolled, as with all board games that use dice. Ludo is more than luck. It’s all about strategy. To prevent other players from reaching the goal first, players must strategically move their pieces. This version, however, is not like the original.

Yalla Ludo offers two game modes: one-on-1 and four-player. There are four gameplay options for each model. In addition, you have the option to play classic, master or quick and magic. You can earn coins, gems, or other rewards for each game that you play. These tokens and dice can be used to unlock new tokens. You can also use these coins for re-spins of your dice to get a higher number. In the game’s daily rewards, you can also earn gems and coins.

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What is the best way to play with other players?

Yalla Ludo allows players to play online with their friends or offline. You can create private or local rooms for players to play in real-time. You can also connect with friends via Facebook to send invites. You can play with your friends by clicking the social tab in your game app. Then, send invitations.

The app offers a group chat where you can meet new friends and compete against other players worldwide. This chatroom allows you to exchange ideas and make new friends. This chatroom supports voice and text chat. The thread is slow because it serves a lot of people.

Fun game, but many issues Yalla Ludo allows gamers to play the game online without using a board or looking for other players. You can join an online room and begin playing. The gameplay is the same, and you don’t need to change much. However, there are some issues with the match system that make it difficult for players to win. It is an excellent game app, but it needs to be improved.

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