10 Android Apps To Transfer Files from Android to PC

If you are looking for Android Apps During buying android devices, phone or an ios device, a common issue arose. How to transfer files like photos videos in the android device while using. Like that file transfer apps are use to send large files into ios or android device. You didn’t need to loss monthly data to share multiple files by users. Only a one android app can do file transfer apps.
Moreover, in the digital market, there are several file transfer android apps. They contains ads and also be run by qr code. They only require a wifi connection share files. By doing in-depth research we have found the top ten (one of the best) file sharing apps. Go on, and give it a another quick read. These wifi files transfer apps have their own dedicated transfer files apps. That lessens the work in android to pc transfer

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SHAREit Android Apps

SHAREit SHAREit Android Apps

SHAREit is one of the free best app to send files. This android app is easy to use. You can transfer multiple files into your phone android or computer without any extra hustle. Unlike other apps, it is free, and easy to use making it available for every phone user. SHAREit allows you to access app with another qr code. It also work best for sharing cloud storage. You can share data with 6000+ mobile devices. You can play multiple users games while files are transferred in background. SHAREit is easily available at google and playstore.

EasyJoin Android Apps

To send files via local network android device, then using this new free android app is best. With this wifi app you can send direct photos into another ios device without using a usb cable. Android works very fast between two devices. Android to pc and other vice versa connection can be access with a wi fi. While using you can even read and send messages to another users. Mostly people use the free version of EasyJoin. However, to get the best experience you can buy their premium file sharing package. It is considered one of the best apps to transfer data and file sharing or share files.

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Xender Android Apps

This app named as Xender is getting recognition every day. It is considered one of best data apps to use with an average internet connection. You can easily access it with android and ios devices. You can google it or install this wifi app from google play. Xender can receive files from multiple users without any interference. You can convert videos into audios similarly accessing other multiple like features. you don’t need sd card for another data storage. People like Xender for its simplicity and easy usage.


To send direct, large files(data) or share files fast airdroid is the most like android to use. This file transfer app is available at google play. You can also transfer photos and videos. Basically it is an android file transfer app. This app to transfer Android is getting better everyday at its work. For even storage need airdroid is the best android transfer app. People mostly like this app due to its wi fi direct in nature. This android app transfer files rapidly in the computer lacking the zero percent disturbance. To transfer and fulfil devices data need and storage it is one of the top free ranked android apps to transfer files.

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Among other android apps it is the direct best android app ever. It doesn’t require software data to connect with computer or an android device. You can share photos and videos from phone or other device. With wifi you can access into cloud storage device and share data. To share direct files or transfer files among android devices it works swiftly. While using, portal you can access or play other devices apps. The best android application sends notification from the file manager after the complete sharing. To transfer data portal is consider the top android application.


From safety point of view this is the safest files transfer application. morever, This android application work also for cloud storage. For android to android data sharing, it must be connected to a wifi. It is one of the most popular apps to transfer files and use built-in cross platform. You can use phone and share at the same time. From sync you can transfer files data to phone, app, desktop or vice versa through an wifi connection. Experts highly recommend this for secure transfer files.
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Samsung Smart Switch Transfer:

You can connect devices/phone with devices of other androids platforms via this tech. to transfer files manually it also supports android device cable feature. It not only share files but also provides a cross platform. You can connect it with more than one device/phone and share various file types. A good wifi connection in android devices increases the share/trann rate. It is mainly built for android to android data sharing. however, you can connect your device with other android devices. This android application requires fast wifi speed to share one device files.


This app can even find a lost android data device/phone. Its android cloud file manager allows to share/transfer all file types. To transfer files people are using this app to transfer data. This app makes file sharing simple. The sharing device makes android file transfer very convenient and fast. This app transfer files with the help of wifi. For android to pc files sharing it is also available in this app. These apps are built-in every phone and device. AirMore allows direct and free use of app unlike other apps.

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Cloud Storage Transfer:

To share/transfer files fast in android devices/phone is bit tricky. Yet this file transfer apps do file sharing more rapidly. This app android file transfer system do file sharing even more faster. This is not a new app therefore, these apps are in demand from a long time. they look new because they are polished. These apps not only transfer files more rapidly yet do provide all the safety measures. These files transfer apps have their own dedicated transfer files apps. That lessens the word load.


Without any doubt it is the one of the finest file transfer apps. You can connect it to one android device or multiple android devices to share. Zapya provides fast files transfer rate in android phones. It is in top rank in best apps. These apps can be connected with other devices and phone to share data by using wifi. This free using app need only direct wifi to operate. Active users even like this app very much for its transfer rate.

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