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Are you determined to improve your English? English is one of the world’s famous and pathetic languages. It seems a bit a complicated one, but worldwide, people learn and speak it. If English is not your mother-tongue, and you are always willing to learn this international language, you don’t have to invest in this. Are you wandering in different sites to choose the best English learning apps for your android? Then you’ve reached the right spot.

In the digital world, you can also learn Basic English easily. Even you can learn the advanced level as well. Many online mentors are available on multiple software, where you can learn a hundred skills in some pennies.

Halt here! I’ve gathered plenty of English learning apps where you can get much knowledge. Keep reading this article till the last word. It might be possible; you’ll pick your best app from it. Let’s get started.

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Hello talk- Best English Learning App for Android

Hello, Talk is one of the best learning apps to get much English knowledge from it. It is quite an interesting app where your language hassle is about to end now. Hello, Talk learns languages have developed this app and released it in 2013.

  • It has multiple functions. Hello, Talk supports 100+languages, voice calls, messages, picture messages, and much more in it.
  • Additionally, you can exchange it from your native language. It has also become a secondary study.
  • Furthermore, it also helps to correct your grammar, punctuation & vocabulary errors.
  • In addition, it is free available for android and IOS users.

It is a wonderful app that is available in a free and paid version. Hello, Talk is considered the best English learning app to get a basic knowledge of English and some extra-ordinary rules from it.

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Google translate-An Amazing English Learning App

It is one of the stunning apps for foreigners and travelers as well. It is available in multiple languages. Google LLC has developed this learning app and released it back in 2016.

  • You can translate other native languages, including Spanish, Italian, Urdu, and even English.
  • Furthermore, it is a popular app with the great advantage of a speaking feature.

Google translate is one of the best English learning apps for android users. Besides, it’s a globally used app that has won the hearts of English users.

Memrise- Best App for English Speaking

Memrise is one of the powerful apps for English learning. It supports a variety of languages that help you to not concern about your mother language. Memrise, inc has developed this learning app and released it back in 2013.

  • It has much quality content to fill your spare time & make it productive easily.
  • It is a pretty much well app that can correct your sentence structure, parts of speech, reading& punctuation capability.
  • Additionally, it’s a great community site that offers basic grammar lectures along with games. It gives much fun and entertainment along with learning of studies.
  • Memrise is a little expensive than others. It’s available in the free version as well. You can get much of the English stuff from free mode as well. You can also these basic techniques and rules in offline mode.

Memrise has been designed for android and IOS users. It is one of the best English speaking apps where you can also get this English knowledge easily from your one click of palm.

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Basuu Language Learning- Offline English Speaking App

Busuuis is a peerless English learning app that offers you many English linguistics mentors with well-grounded English. It’s a highly-recommended app that has been designed for beginner-level learners. Busuu, inc has developed this amazing app and released it back in 2011.

  • It offers a bounty of courses in 12-languages, which is used by 90 million users worldwide.
  • It covers your speaking, listening & writing skill as well. Additionally, you can correct all of these stages in just one app easily. It has combined human interaction with speakers TalkTalk and enjoyment.
  • Moreover, you can enjoy yourself by listening to stunning English songs as well. This app also plays a vital role in the betterment of listening and speaking English.
  • With Basuu, you can talk with native speakers of English easily, and you’ll do some practice to talk with these speakers. It also gives you feedback on whether you are on a beginner level or advanced level as well.
  • This learning app has been designed for your English seekers. You will become a fluent English speaker over time easily.
  • Furthermore, you can visually see your statics of your daily tasks of English learning.
  • You can get the weak and daily results of your English practice easily. Then, and you will assess your progress quickly.
  • Additionally, Basuu is one of the best offline English-speaking app You can also download these English lectures when you listen to these lectures and learn the English language with your easiness.

Especially, it’s available for pc, android& IOS users. It is one of the majestic learning apps.

Quiz your English- Best App To Learn English

Are you worried about your English exam? Or you don’t have any idea about English literature. But you want to attain excellent marks in it. Quiz, your English, is the best option for you to remove all your concerns.

Quiz, your English, is a useful app that offers extra-ordinary English related to Cambridge and oxford university standards. Cambridge Assessment English has designed this learning app and released it in 2017. It is one of the best English learning apps for android free download.

  • Additionally, you can do your assignments, presentations & your exams easily with the help of this amazing app.
  • This app’s main feature is that you can do all English literature work, whether studying an O or A level student. If you are willing to give the IELTS exams, it will give better aid for this purpose.
  • Moreover, you can correct your punctuation guide, sentence structure, and much more from it easily.

Quiz, your English, has been designed for android and IOS users. You can do many wonders in just one click on your mobile just.

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Grammarly-The Best App For Writing

It is one of the gorgeous apps which enhance your writing skill. It is a worldwide using app, where thousands of content writers and English learners do their work easily. Grammarly, inc has developed this wonderful app and released it in 2017. It is one of the best English learning apps of all time.

  • Additionally, Grammarly has a unique approach that can check your writing tone, punctuation, and grammatical errors as well.
  • You can use this stunning app wherever you go. It always provides quality work. You can use this app on your smartphone.
  • Moreover, when you activate this writing app, the Grammarly keyboard will remind you about your writing mistakes.
  • Grammarly is available in the free and paid version. You can also get extra features from paid subscriptions.
  • In paid subscription, it offers you a plagiarism checker facility, major grammatical errors & punctuation mistakes.
  • After all, it allows you to make your formal writing manner easily. You can attain much quality knowledge about the English language from this app.

To conclude, it was designed for pc, android & IOS users.

Bbc English Learning-An Offline English Learning

Bbc English learning is an amazing learning app where you can easily download English stuff in offline mode. Media application technologies for Bbc have designed this offline-learning app and are released in back 2018.

  • In Bbc English, you can rectify your English mistakes, including vocabulary, pronunciation, and a lot more.
  • Moreover, Bbc learning has designed multiple grammar division lessons, with a little touch of spelling correction in one day.
  • Additionally, this app’s best thing includes never burdening the students of English learning with plenty of tasks in one day. Moreover, it provides easiness along with quality-based knowledge as well.
  • Altogether, Bbc English learning is one of the best offline English-speaking apps It also offers statics of your daily progress in English learning. You can check it out easily.

It is a great app which could be considered as best for beginner level English seekers. Bbc English learning has been designed for android and IOS users.

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Italki (Take Private and Group English Lessons Online)

It is one of the best English-learning apps which offer you plenty of English experts worldwide. Italki HK LIMITED has designed this stunning app and released it in back 2015.

That’s why it has designed combine group chats to gain knowledge and interact with each other and some fun. It is considered to be an as best android app to learn English effectively.

  • It is a multi-tasking learning app that has many English language experts in it. You can easily enroll yourself with any English language mentor.
  • Furthermore, you can get the first trail lessons of the English of any mentor. Then, when you satisfy with their accent and teaching style. After that, you can enroll yourself there.
  • Apart from this, it is a great community app where many English seekers can learn more to improve their English skills.

To conclude, the best online platform where you can get one hour and two-hour classes easily. Moreover, I recommend taking a few lectures from multiple mentors. You have to choose the best one from it; the choice is yours.

Learn English with Babble

It is a great opportunity for beginner English learners. Babble, inc has designed this app and released it in 2018.

  • It helps the English learners to rectify their conversational English errors, vocabulary & punctuation as well.
  • Besides, it gives you plenty of goals on a daily & weak basis as well.
  • Moreover, this majestic learning app has designed the topics into different tasks, including introducing yourself, ordering food, and many more interesting things.
  • Babble is falling into the category of best apps to learn English You can also learn English along with travel videos. Moreover, you can get a lot of English knowledge from it.

Babble is one of the stunning apps which give you more edge to learn English from toddlers’ level. Babel also focuses on multiple topics that will make you a fluent English speaker.

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Duolingo- Talk English Offline.

It is a game-based learning app where you can learn English along with fun as well. Duolingo is one of the highly recommended and popular apps that give you extra English learning. Duolingo has developed this app and released it back in 2013. It is one of the best apps for English speaking scenario.

  • In Duolingo, you will get an organized manner of learning. It has designed daily tasks of learning for the users. Multiple exercises are tailored to aid the users in learning English.
  • It will make you master to correct your spellings, vocabulary, & phrases as well. Furthermore, you can get simple phrases; know about the conversational tone of English.
  • Also, you will become a fluent English speaker.
  • For beginner-level students, Duolingo has designed daily tasks. It has features to categorize different English learners’ tasks, whether you are a beginner learner or an advanced learner.
  • It will track your progress in daily tasks. And also provide you statics of your weakly-base performance.

This exquisite app offers a great opportunity for beginner level English learners. Duolingo has earned much fame. Around 200 million users have taken the benefit of this awesome app.


Learning is a beautiful phenomenon. We are all human seeks & learn different knowledge in our lives. Additionally, the main thing of knowledge is how much you practice and apply in your daily life.

You have to put effort into learning this popular language as soon as possible. It will help in your incoming career wherever you will go to a foreign country. It will cover your weak area of job. If you want to excel more in your life, then you have to learn it.

Altogether, you’ve seen through this article. It might be possible you have chosen your best one from here. It’s an honor for me.

Try try again till you succeed.

You will become a perfect English speaker very soon. Learn and apply English as you can in your daily life!

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