Are you feeling nostalgic to play those 90’s games? It will be a piece of cake for you, with the best emulators for Android as I will apprise you with the best emulators for Android. We will discuss here the best emulators for Android. Also, we will discuss their features. So, you can decide which one works as the best emulator for
your android device. Let’s begin

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Citra emulator app is among the best emulators for Android. Meanwhile, this android emulator provides you the best experience to play your favorite classic games like super Mario on your Android phone. Moreover, it is also among open-source emulators. Besides, it also provides various features. Likewise, it works to enhance your game’s graphics. Citra will fill the texture display of a game that bothers you while playing your old favorite games with other emulators in the same vein. Above all, you may earn various built-in features which many emulators offer like motion controls, camera, and microphone like other android emulators. Further, it is available in a free and premium(paid) version.


Drastic ds emulator app is fast and the best. Nintendo ds emulator. Moreover, being fast and best provides
various highlighted features of emulators like its stability, free customization option for screen buttons of drastic ds screens to play an old game like super Mario with emulators and available on google play store. Above all, this app will increase your old school games like Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64, graphics four times than the original. Further, it saves states of games in google drive and provides the fast forward feature for games. Also, drastic
ds emulator offers thousands of cheat codes to provide you with parts of the best emulator for Android to provide an ultimate gaming experience. Moreover, it has a free version with limited features to play but access all the best features like other emulators; you have to get the paid version.

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The retro arch emulator is one of the open-source emulators. This android emulator is free, readily available for everyone. Also, it is available on the google play store. Retro arch supports sega genesis, sega cd, mega drive, and available on play store. One of the most annoying things is the display of ads. While playing games on emulators, this app does not promote ad display. On the other hand, it provides the ability to customize and save screen buttons, touch controls for games on Android. Retro arch allows one to use and save states of a game. Also, it provides
the feature to use free cheat codes and keep them in your game. The retro arch will sync your games with google drive. However, all the best emulators for the android app will sometimes produce errors. Like sudden crashes in-game, which is a significant con.


Classic boy gold emulator app is all in one android emulator. It helps in playing old classic games on Android with game consoles. This app supports Nintendo DS/GBA/GBC/SGB/GB,NES GAME, Sega Genesis, Sega CD,
Game Gear. Also, it supports Master System, Nintendo 64, Atari 2600 VCS, Play Station 1, Nintendo ds. Google Play supports this emulator for your android device.


This emulator for Android provides gamepad support. We can adjust the speed of games with the emulator app. Classic boy gold provides full speed .It helps to better graphics on your android phone or android device. The classic
boy is known as one of the best emulators for Android. Above all, this emulator has a free version. It is also available in the paid version. It also provides in-between setting features to save in video games on Android.


My boy and my old boy emulator app comes with the best variety of free features. They play their best for emulating games for android phones or android devices. Meanwhile, these emulators are super-fast. They are designed for game boy, game boy advance, and game boy color games to run on android devices. You can make your game boy
color and game boy advance colorful with a custom palette. It provides super game boy palettes emulation, and game boy can be fast forward from 2x to 50x on Android. This emulator doesn’t contain any game on its own; you have to find your games yourself. Available in both a free version and a paid version. Google Play also supports this emulator.

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PPSSPP emulator app is undoubtedly one of the best PlayStation portables emulators for Android to play games.


It provides some best features of emulators like high stability and best ROM support while playing PSP games.
PPSSPP will provide features like a high-definition gaming experience along with extra features of emulators for Android. One of its major cons is that some games, even on the latest android devices, won’t play fast. Besides, if you want to play PSP games, save your PSP games on the sd card. Play with emulators on your Android.
Above all, this PlayStation emulator is one of the best android emulators. Above all, many features are enough to rate this emulator as one of the best emulators for Android. Available in both a free version and a paid version.


Mudbox emulator app is an all-in-one emulator for Android like a classic boy.


This app supports basic features on Android like save states. Further, it also loads conditions, gamepad support, external support, full speed, and fast forward. Meanwhile, you can optimize your settings to play games. You can save screenshots in between your game.


Consequently, this one supports GBA, GBC, SNES, PSX, Nintendo. DS, NES (Nintendo entertainment system), and atari 2600. Above all, this emulator is one of the first multi-emulator. Meanwhile, it’s a free and smoothest free emulator app for Android. However, some people may bother emulators ads. They are displayed during their game. They will prefer the paid version of the app to remove these annoying ads from the emulator. Above all, if you want to play ds games, this is one of the free emulators to consider.

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Nostalgia NES emulator is a high-quality, modern, and user-friendly app. On the other hand, can connect a variety of device with WIFI controller support. Moreover, if you want to play, place your ROMS on the sd card. Also, you can save and load your games in no time. You can play Nintendo(64) games from childhood. However, one of its major cons is that it doesn’t include games. Its graphics accelerate by hardware.


That is said, a variety of free cheat codes are available to make your games even more enjoyable. Further, you can
take screenshots to share your gaming skills with your friends with this Android emulator.


ePSXe for Android is one of the best PlayStation emulators. To play PSP games, it serves high-quality sound, higher compatibility, and above all, it’s fast. Besides, it also provides a split-screen for android phones or android devices so that you can double the joy. It is supported by google play.

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Dolphin emulator is an open-source emulator. However, this does not come with games to play. Dolphin emulator also provides controller support.


Snes9x EX emulator is also another best open-source emulator. On the other hand, it provides various basic features of emulators, like controller support to play old games. Moreover, this emulator is completely free for playing games on android phones .Its app is also available on the play store. It is a Super Nintendo emulator for your android device.

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I have listed the best emulators for Android above. All of them are the best emulators. In short, they have minor cons; as you know, emulators often lag a little. Consequently, you can choose one according to your requirements. Which of the emulators complete your demands from the best emulators for the android list. Therefore, make sure to try your paid version of emulators within the refund period. So that you won’t waste any money if you don’t like them.

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