Best Radio Apps For Android- Top Ten

Are you looking for the best radio apps for Android? There was a time when the radio had been considered a trendy gadget. With time, you have to thank those advanced technologies of smartphones that have taken their place.

I’ve collected some best radio apps for android users.  These radio apps will give you much entertainment in your leisure time.

Although radio is a unique and classy device, you can consider it your fun and leisure source in any era of your life. Multiple channels have a podcast and a lot of fabulous shows on the radio platform. It also provides some fun & enjoyment in your long drive. And you will never feel bored anymore.

With the advancement of multiple technologies, now radio is available in cars & smartphones as well. Let’s pick out your best one from this site.

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NPR one- Best Free Radio App for Android

It is one of the best radio apps for Android. And you can never ignore such an app while finding radio-apps. NPR has developed this amazing app and released it back in 2014.

  • In NPR, you can listen to podcast news of your local area and a foreign country. It allows you to share stories, videos & listen to songs as well.
  • Not only this, you can watch comedy shows from multiple channels.
  • It is a great radio-app with buttons that can pause, skip & continue effectively.
  • It has a stunning interface that makes it easy to use the app.
  • Moreover, it is a free app where you can enjoy many things without any cost.
  • Indeed, NPR is an amazing app that is particularly available for android & IOS users.

A Simple Radio- Free Internet Radio Stations

Simple radio is one of the best radio apps for Android ever. Streama has designed this great app and released it back in 2014.

  • It is a specific theme based app that includes nearly 40000 stations globally.
  • You can get access to your favorite shows. And you can listen to your favorite pop & classic songs easily.
  • Moreover, it has a marvelous and simple to use homepage interface.
  • It is a simple app that allows you to mark out any station whichever you like.
  • Another advantage includes a gorgeous facility to add a search bar option. And here you can search for any station from all around the world.
  • Furthermore, the recommended tab allows you to give your suggestion. Then, you will see more songs and talk shows as per your wishlist.
  • It is quite a simple choice which offers you as relevant features as you want.
  • Moreover, it is an ad-supported app; so, you have to face ads in your shows and news.

Simple radio is a great software app where any common man can run & get fun, enjoyment from it. Especially, it is available for Android & IOS users.

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Spotify- FM radio for Android

Spotify is a brilliant app that offers some great sources for their radio-enthusiasts. It was released in back 2016. Spotify, Inc has designed this wonderful app.

Around 170+channels worldwide are available over it. You can listen to your live stream in this app easily.

  • In Spotify, you can refresh your memory of your radio craze tenure. It has been designed to use in your cars, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Particularly, it gives you great fun enjoyment from its multiple podcasts programs.
  • So, you can listen to your melodious voice of your favorite singers and delightful music here.
  • Apart from this, you can listen to daily news, business stories & talk shows easily there.
  • The developers of Spotify have installed a bunch of useful features that make it easy to use.

It is an excellent app that has amazing features to use it even on your smartphone. You have to consider this in your favorite category.

It is available in the free version & paid version,—that’s why Spotify is considered one of the best radio apps for android users.

Replace-an Popular Radio-App

Replace is one of the popular and best radio apps. And it gives you plenty of your favorite channels in one place.

It also gives you an advantage of a reminder & wake-up alarm facility. Replaio Radio has developed this amazing app and released it back in 2016.

  • Additionally, this app lets you listen to live radio around the globe.
  • Moreover, you can listen to your favorite music & live shows. And these shows are telecasted from many foreign countries.
  • Apart from this, replace contains around 3000 channels that represent different countries of the world.
  • It has a friendly interface and easy to use design.
  • Moreover, it is a stunning app that has been designed for android users.

It is one of the best radio apps for the phone.

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Xiialive- An App to Listen To The Radio

Are you wandering here in search of those great radio apps with a stunning & multi-tasking interface?

Visual blasters LLC has designed this powerful app and released it back in 2015.

  • Xiialive is one of the tremendous apps which can win your heart easily. This app lets you browse a lot of music and stage shows channels, whichever you want.
  • Additionally, you can also listen to your favorite music genre. And it is particularly for enthusiasts of pop or rock songs. It will give channels of your desired.
  • You can also listen to business, comedy & a lot more stuff of channels in it.
  • Additionally, it has featured some extra buttons for your easiness. You can pause; play many other acts easily as you want.
  • So, it is a great choice regarding radio: and you have to tick out it for your smartphone.

Xiialive is considered to be the as best app to listen to the radio. It is available for Android and IOS users.


A highly-featured radio player is known to be as Audials. It displays over 100+podcast channels that will fill your spare time in a day.

Audios radio software has developed this radio-podcast app and released it in back 2011.

  • Audial has offered multiple features, including car mode, sleep timer, & video player facility.
  • The best feature of these Audials is recording. And you can easily record your streaming song in this app.
  • Moreover, Audials are available in free-basis and paid subscriptions as well.
  • In particular, you can get this song to your SD card & share it with others. Moreover, you can add a memory card for saving your favorite stuff.
  • Apart from this, it also supports a Chromecast.
  • Particularly, Audials also give you the availability of no ads in its paid subscription.

It is an amazing app that has been designed for Android and IOS  users.

Audials is considered to be one of the best free radio apps for Android.

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iHeartRadio- Best Radio App for Android

iHeartRadio displays your desired stuff. It has multiple features that will win your hearts. I Heart Media, inc has designed this radio app and released it back in 2017.

  • It has a large collection that has been designed based on multiple categorizations.
  • It has plenty of categories related to business, news, music & talk shows.
  • You have to pick out the best one from it, and you can make them into a list in their setting.
  • Not only this, but it also offers more features such as to include your location there.
  • Moreover, you can get your location-based podcast channels there. It is a free radio app for android

iHeart Radio is considered one of the best app, which brings convenience in the form of the latest up-gradation for its users. It is particularly available for Android and IOS users.

Pandora Music

Pandora is a robust app that offers a lot of business & fun-related things for radio-lovers. Indeed, it is a great alternative to other paid apps.

Vision .inc has offered this latest app and released it back in 2018.

  • On Pandora radio, you can get the songs and music of your favorite artist. You can easily listen to his or her melodious voice.
  • Additionally, you can make a playlist of songs and a list of shows and newscasting.
  • An excellent technique has been introduced in this app because you can easily program your digital radio setting from the customization button.
  • Pandora is available in free & paid versions as well. You can get extraordinary & splendid things from a paid subscription.
  • Moreover, it also provides you high-quality streaming in the paid one. If you get this subscription, then you have to avail fun from it effectively.

Thus, it is an elegant radio app that also supports the android wear 2.0 version. You can listen to your radio on your watch. Pandora music is considered in the best online radio applications category.

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Radio Droid 2- Best Free Radio App for Android

Radio droid 2 is one of the best radio apps for Android, which is highly-endorsed ever. It has multiple features, including an elegant interface, elaborate layout, and great functionality.

Segler.alex has designed this radio-browsing app and released it in back 2016. It is a great FM radio for android users.

  • In radio droid 2, it displays plenty of podcast channels with tags.
  • Besides, you can enjoy music and listen to your best talk-shows from all around the world.
  • You can record your best programs and listen to it later—especially it’s a great advantage for radio-users who want to listen to the live stream songs in their leisure time.
  • In particular, you can add an enlarged SD card to it to save your streams of programs easily.
  • Then you can share it with your friends, family & other social platforms.
  • Indeed, a great app that displays some extraordinary extensions includes customization, recommended & searching bar.
  • Additionally, you can add any reminder & to-do lists option. You can set your daily reminder & daily tasks.
  • Not only this, it is available in multiple versions, whether you can use it free or paid. Both versions give you powerful radio sources as upon desire.
  • Thus, it is a great radio app that is available for Android and IOS users.

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AccuRadio- Radio App for Phone

AccuRadio is one of the best radio apps for Android, which allows you to make a category of your favorite music genre.

Accu, inc has designed this awesome app and released it back in 2017.

  • Additionally, it includes nearly 1000 channels that represent many foreign countries.
  • First of all, you have to sign up for this app. Then, you can pick out your favorite channel list.
  • AccuRadio gives you a superb blacklist option. You can add your un-favorite songs & shows to this list.
  • In particular, you can even see your recent listening channels. The history tab option allows you to listen to your previous channel easily.
  • It is a wonderful radio free-app. And it gives you a lot of stuff along with the convenience of the no-ads option.
  • Particularly, you will never see multiple ads amid your show on any channel.
  • Especially, Accu Radio is available for android & ios users.

AccuRadio is a free internet radio station which offers much stuff related to fun & entertainment.


Did you choose your best app for radio listening? It might be possible; you’ve chosen one or more apps from here. Don’t forget to give your feedback about our article. It would be an honor for me.

Although the trend of radio has not fully gone, this is a change into advancement in this digital world. But you can enjoy your radio-shows in your car, smartphones, and many other gadgets.

To conclude, you have to continue your internet of radio whether it’s old or new..

Enjoy your life with multi colors of radio.

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