Funny Status for Whatsapp

Lots of people love giving funny status for whatsapp. A funny status for whatsapp may be a joke, or just a meme, or even some humorous line that points to a cunningly tragic incident in a funny way. Funny status for whatsapp provides people opportunity to get creative and express themselves freely. People often use this opportunity to say something funny. Jokes and humor helps us forget everyday pain and lightens up our moods. We all love having fun. We express this fun with our words, our body language and so much more. That is why whatsapp funny status is a great joy to have in our lives. Here we will explore different dimensions of funny status for whatsapp for our readers to get new ideas for their status.

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WhatsApp Funny Status

First of all, it is important to understand your own status. It cannot be that you feel sad but try to give a funny status. It is an art to turn even your sadness into fun. Lots of famous comedians do that. However, remaining sad and yet coming off funny is not possible. Experiencing sadness in a funny manner is a whole different approach. Therefore, one must be very well aware of their status as well as how they are experiencing it. Not everyone is capable of doing it. But it is an innate ability to be able to come up with something funny. Fun is not something blatant and casual even though it often sounds like that. Fun or humor is a very creatively and prudently constructed. Giving whatsapp funny status is a skill.

Funny Status for Whatsapp

What you need to be aware of for giving a funny status for whatsapp is not just the joke but also your resource limitation. There is a limited space for you on whatsapp to present your joke. It is not something that every random person can do. However, having a good sense of humor can be a skill that people can acquire over time. In the world where we all live through some very difficult times, being able to laugh and being able to make others laugh is a great ability. May we all be blessed with such abilities that help us lessen and ease each other’s pains and oppressions. In my opinion, a funny status for whatsapp does this beautiful thing. It helps ease our pains.

Funny Status for Whatsapp in Hindi

A funny status for whatsapp is an amazing thing. Think of all the inflation that is making so hard for you to buy lots of necessities. Think of sociological experience, and psychological dynamics and so much more that is around you that is painful for you. In all of that, when you can laugh and make others laugh, isn’t that amazing? This is what a funny status for whatsapp in hindi does for people. It brings light into darkness. It brings hope in hopelessness. Humor is a phenomenon that can give life to dying souls. It is a fruit that never gets old or rots. Hence, you should always be open and excited to ideas for funny status for whatsapp. Try to develop a new perspective about things around you to be able to laugh about them.

Funny Status for Whatsapp in English

When you are thinking of something funny, you need a language to express it too. When you find something that could be globally funny, you should always choose to express it in English. A funny whatsapp status in English tends to have a universal tone. It is not usually culture centered, but suitable for a global audience as well. Lots of people obsessed with global cultures, tend to rely more and more on English. English provides them with a whole new level of humor. There are many layers and different types of humor in English as well. Status for Whatsapp in English can be funny in many different ways. So do not demur from using English in your funny status. It would help your broaden your horizons and expand your visions.

Funny Status for Whatsapp in Punjabi

Punjab is a land of humor. Humor is a central aspect of Punjabi culture. Punjabi people tend to be very funny. Their words as well as their actions tend to be a funny side to it. Cities like Faisalabad in Punjab are known for their humor. It has produced many famous comedians. Then Lahore, Amritsar and so many other areas have humor running through their veins. People love giving funny whatsapp status in Punjabi as well. often there are some memes that people put up as their Punjabi status. Then dubbing English movies into Punjabi to make it all so funny is also common. Making political jokes is also part of life nowadays. So given a funny status for whatsapp and have fun!

Funny Status for Whatsapp for Girls

Sometimes people think that boys and girls have a different way of being funny. That is not true. It is also a very patriarchal thing to say. While we understand that it is patriarchal, we also have to accept that we are living in a patriarchal society. This is where girls and boys tend to have such meaningless and meaningful differences in their approach to things. Girls tend to have fun in a very different manner because patriarchy tends to restrict their spaces. Rising feminism is changing all that. Feminist women while talk about oppression on girls, also claim more and more public spaces and hence create room for girls to have fun in a more non-gendered manner. You can give a funny whatsapp status in whatever way you like. You are a strong and independent woman.

Funny Status for Whatsapp for Boys

Silly things like ‘boys will be boys’ are notions of the past now. Gender boundaries are now reaching their conclusive end. Boys and girls both like to have fun and they should both be able to enjoy equal freedoms to have all types of fun. Funny whatsapp status for boys in the past tended to get very stereotypical because of the patriarchal privileges that boys enjoy. But patriarchy has to end. And an important way of ending it is boys understanding and bearing responsibility. Now boys should be careful and sensitive in making jokes. They should provide equal space for women to enjoy their independent lives as well. Funny status for whatsapp for boys is a good thing, but it should not cross lines.

New WhatsApp Funny Status

The interesting thing about fun is that it requires the most creative aspects of your brain to be highly active. Creativity is always about innovation. That is why humor always brings in new layers to life. The gossamer nature of humor tends to bring us new perspectives about different life events. People living banal ways of life tend to find jokes either overly funny or not funny at all. To understand a joke, you have to have a sense of humor. Give a funny whatsapp status and you will know from the feedback what kind of a social circle you live in. Not everyone can understand fun. Funny whatsapp status can get tricky. However, remember, at the end of the day, it is all about having fun. So, have fun while giving a new whatsapp funny status.

WhatsApp Funny Emoticons Status

Using emoticons is an art, too. Often people misuse them. Sometimes people cannot differentiate between a general smile and a blushing smile. It is important to first learn what different emojis represent to be able to use them effectively. There is a lot of fun stuff that you can convey with emojis without having to use any words. Emoticons are fun thing. People love using them in their general messages as well. It is interesting how people give whatsapp funny status with emoticons. Often people use no words at all, just the emoticons. It is very subtle way of humoring. But those who can understand such humor cannot simply stop laughing. It is so much fun.

Funny Status for Whatsapp about Politics

Politics is often very intense and serious. But a new trend is to see politics in a funny manner. At the beginning, it was highly criticized and discouraged. But over time it has gotten so popular that people even like getting their ‘news’ in a funny manner through some comedy show. That has also penetrated our general sense of humor. People give funny whatsapp status about politics and politicians. Indian and Pakistani politics is quite complex and weird. At the global level, American, Russian, middle eastern and so many other countries’ politics can get tricky. But an easier way for common people to get through it is making ‘fun’. Fun makes life easier and happier. A whatsapp status that’s funny can bring new life to people’s sad political minds.

Funny Status for Whatsapp for Movies

People these days are obsessed with Avengers. Then tv shows like game of thrones are making us look at our lives with a whole new perspective as well. These shows are not just fictions, they help us understand power structures and sociological dynamics as well. That is why, in the seriousness, making a few jokes here and there is also important. Think of how many times you used the phrase ‘winter is coming’ or some other catchy phrase from a movie or a tv show and turned something really serious into really funny. This is the magic that people like to try with their funny whatsapp status to make life wonderful and colorful. Do not miss out on this fun and give a funny status for whatsapp and enjoy having new perspectives about different things.

Funny Status for Whatsapp in Lyrics

There are many funny songs as well. Singers like Abrar ul Haq have given the world many cool songs that are fun. Then sometimes singers make funny videos to make their songs great hits. Funny does not necessarily mean ‘laughter’ oriented, but could also be something so ingenuous that it brings out a smile on your face. Like the songs and videos of Ed Sheeran’s music can be understood as funny and romantic mix because they bring out a mixture of fun and romance from inside of you. Then at times people exploit the seriousness of the songs by giving it some twist in a way that it becomes really funny. All such and many other things are popular these days as funny status for whatsapp. You can give such status to add more color to your life.

Stereotypical Funny Whatsapp Status

What is bad is when people try to be funny, but only end up being stereotypical. Some people make racist jokes, some make jokes, others in their jingoism make fun of other people’s countries in an egregious manner. All of this should be discouraged. We can always find such whatsapp status and people like to say that these are funny whatsapp status, but they are not. They are far from fun. They spread radicalism, they spread low level pathetic thinking about people. We should strongly discourage such jokes or at least be give no heed to them so that such jokers may feel discouraged. Give a good whatsapp status, give a funny whatsapp status, but do not give a stereotypical and stigmatizing whatsapp status.

WhatsApp Status Serious and Funny Mix

An interesting way of giving a status these days is mixing up serious and funny status together. This is very tricky. It is an art that not many people excel at. We can work on it. But it is like giving a sad news but then adding a pun to it to avoid depression. Lots of people use such approach as their defence mechanism towards certain types of sad events. You can give a funny status for whatsapp and enjoy your life. But try to be respectful in your jokes.

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