10 Best Video Streaming Apps for Android Device in 2021

Are you tired of Downloading Moves? No problem because you now have video streaming apps that required a good internet connection. However, you can watch movies live at in lowest price. So, Let’s see the best video streaming apps that provide streaming services of movies and tv shows per month and year plans.

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Netflix Best Video Streaming Apps

Netflix Best Video Streaming Apps

Everyone has heard this name before. Also, Netflix is a video best streaming app that provides its users with exclusive movies and tv shows. Also, Netflix is at a low price. Netflix is also available for live TV streaming. However, its pricing is per month with three packages. However, let’s see that why Netflix is one of the best video streaming service apps.

Basic Plan per month

· $5.99 per month

· Video Quality: 480p

· Screens: 1

Standard Plan

· $7.49 per month

· Video Quality: 1080p

· Screens: 2

Premium Plan

· $9.49 per month

· Video Quality: 4K

· 12.99: 4

Amazon Prime Video Streaming Apps

When we talk about video streaming services, Amazon Prime Video is one of the best streaming service providers. Amazon Prime Video fire TV provided the best video quality at a low price when they combined. Furthermore, Amazon Fire TV is best for streaming services and live TV support. Also, Amazon fire TV was introduced by amazon for amazon prime video. Amazon Prime Video has two subscriptions lets talk about them and picks the right one for you. However, Prime Video also provides on-demand content, and both plans also include amazon fire TV. Again, if you want to add some parts, you can buy a tv stick from amazon. this tv stick is exclusively designed for fire tv

Amazon Prime Video Annual

This amazon prime video subscription is annually based, which means you only need to pay one time per year. Also, The Plan starts from $119 per year. fire tv is included in this Plan

· Video Quality: 1080p,4K

· Screens: 3 at a time

· fire tv support

· High-Quality Sound

Amazon Prime Video per month

· Video Quality: 1080p, 4k

· $12.99 per month

· Screens: 3

· fire tv support

· High-Quality Sound

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Sling Live TV Streaming Apps

Sling tv includes the best video streaming apps. This app provides streaming service movies and tv shows at the best price. Furthermore, It offers simultaneous streams and the best video streaming service. Sling is also known as a live tv channel. However, This streaming service includes two plans sling orange and sling blue. Let’s see which method will suit you. Furthermore, sling tv service offers 4k content ad-free services and movies.

Sling tv Orange per month

Orange is the new package for sling and the most popular streaming services package. It includes the following things. However, if you want to live tv channel streaming service, then you should pick this. The media can also be used with a smart TV.

· More than 20 channels with a high-quality video

· ad-free 4k content

· CBS all access and more

· $35 per month

· tv android supported

· add on the track for $10 per month

· Popular streaming service

Sling tv Blue

Sling tv Blue is also the same as orange, but the channels are different.

· 20+ channel service

· ad-free 4k content

· add on a channel for movies tv shows $10 per month

HBO Max Streaming Apps

HBO Max is another best video streaming service apps for android tv, android, and devices android. However, HBO Max is called the best live tv streaming because of the content it provides. It supports live tv at a low per-month price. Furthermore, let’s see what this best video streaming has to offer in its cheap per-month plans. This video streaming service also provides a 7-day free trial with free ad-supported content. Make sure to see the pricing.

HBO Max plans and pricing

TO get a video streaming service from HBO, you have to pay $15 per month. However, more expensive than Disney+ and apple tv but less than Netflix. Furthermore, The service and tv shows they are providing do their best video streaming service ad-supported content.

Apple TV

Apple TV is another best video streaming app, smart TVs, and live tv. If we talk about video best streaming service, apple tv is one of the best video best streaming services to entertain its users. It is exclusively for IOS users as everyone knows that its app for android is not available. Furthermore, If you are an android user, you should skip this and jump to another video streaming service that provides tv shows and movies tv shows for android tv. Make sure to see the pricing.

However, let’s what Apple has to offer us. Mos of apple products are expensive, but you will be surprised by seeing their video’s best streaming service pricing of movie TV shows.

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Apple TV Pricing

First of all, cord-cutting Apple provides a 7-day free trial that is completely free. after this, you have to pay $4.99 per month to keep enjoying their video best streaming service. Another best offer by apple is that you will get one year of free subscription if you buy an Apple phone.

Disney Plus

Everyone is familiar with this name and who doesn’t. It is famous for its fairy tale movies and tv shows, and most-loved series. However, Disney+ is beneficial for those who have little kids at home. It is one of the best video streaming service platforms that support smart TV and Android TVs.

Disney Plus Subscription

first of all, The company provides video streaming service for tv video best streaming service and smart TVs. Furthermore, It includes two plans one is per month, and the other is annual. Let s take a look at them both.

Disney+ Annually

· $69.9 per month

· Stream with up to 6 friends

· Easy setup

Disney+ Monthly

· $6.99 per month

· Stream with up to 6 friends

· Easy setup and sharing

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Which is the best video streaming service?

Apple TV series

apple tv provides free streaming for seven days, and next is $6.99 per month

· Best live video Streaming Service cord cutters of your tv

· comes with streaming devices and many things

· live streaming with live tv shows and top tv shows support

· Exclusive tv shows for IOS

· with on original content and original Shows

Youtube TV series

YT is a cord-cutters of your tv because it provides a free streaming service for a limited time. Its free streaming services are only for seven days. However, you can watch all movies and shows.

· free video best streaming service and a 7-day free trial

· apps for android

· supports every devices android

· user-friendly environment

Disney Plus

one of the best video streaming apps for Kids, exclusive streaming devices for comfort furthermore, star wars and many tv-shows, original content and original tv-shows


· Smart support

· exclusive movies and tv shows

What is the best app to stream free movies?

Suppose you want to watch live streaming on live tv on a device’s android. Also, These apps for android are entirely free. Furthermore, the best video streaming apps for android are Netflix, Disney plus, and many more. However, see the best video streaming apps which are given above.

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