Best Cheap VPN for 2021 – Ultimate Guide

Are you afraid of online security? Here is the solution to data leak protection in a virtual private network (VPN). It is always a tricky decision to get one. 

But wait a moment, as it is not that easy to get suitable and secure VPN services out of dozens of services available in the market. Surfshark, CyberGhost, Express VPN etc, to name a few. 

Go through the article, and you will surely find out the best cheap VPN among the sea of several private networks that is legal and secure. We may earn an affiliate commission via links on our site and live chat.

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Buying Guide for Best Cheap VPN

There are several factors to keep in mind while using a VPN service. Let us discuss this one by one. 

Server count

Consider the best cheap VPNs that offer a higher number of servers as it will speed up performance. Servers’ performance is not affected by VPN server locations.

IP Address

A large number of IP addresses provides greater speed to the end-user. A good VPN has a higher IP count, allowing the user greater security, making it quite difficult for the third party to spy the browsing apps in simultaneous connections.

Kill switch

Kill switch Best cheap VPN

To be secure, buy the cheapest VPN with a feature that maintains the user’s support even when the VPN is not working by shutting down the internet connection. Also, it omits any chance of logging policy leakage during private internet access and save privacy. 

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Encryption Protocol

Always choose to have an open VPN or IKEv2 service to support your devices being safe and sound. VPN apps like surf shark will not let your private logs policy out and protect your internet traffic even on public Wifi. 


The best Nordvpn advanced features can bypass the geoblocking streaming services like Hulu, Netflix and BBC iplayer, etc. Geoblocking, as the name indicates, restricts some sites to different geological localities only. Nordvpn has the potential to avoid this and make sure the availability of your favourite programmes and speeds browsing of the restricted sites without any streaming sites leakage like the best VPN unblocks Netflix amazon prime on your devices.

Five eyes

Several developed countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have some agreements related to intelligence sharing that’s why known as five eyes. Never choose a cheap VPN provider that is based on five eyes. It may lead to data leakage and comprise of your online privacy and security.

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Money-back Authentication

When you make up your find for buying a cheap VPN service on android ios, then go for that, which offers a 30-day money-back guarantee feature. Others provide a 45-day money-back guarantee. This will help to have a close overview and its compatibility with your requirements. Unlimited simultaneous customer support can subscribe for year plan/year subscription, best deals like 1-2 months free. Several days ago, this worked without breaking the bank.


Among the list of good VPNs, some companies offer a free trial or low price while the majority provides paid. We would not recommend you go for the free VPN providers to compromise your privacy features. Several companies provide a trial period without price, and later on, you have to pay the price per month if that particular premium VPN server continues.

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