The Best Note-Taking Apps to Use in 2023

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In this article you will know about the best Note taking apps In the past, people used to take notes with a quill and a piece of paper. Nowadays, pencils and pens are in use. However, with the invention of the computer, things began to change substantially. In this contemporary world, new apps are being designed. There are useful apps for notes with different functions. What are the best writing apps to use for taking notes? Note taking apps are one of these helpful apps. Why bother to keep a register with you? On your android phone or laptop, you can download the note taking app. Open the note taking app and start taking notes.

On different occasions, you keep papers to take notes. What if you forget to bring a piece? You should always keep a note taking app with you. In this article, I am going to discuss the best note taking apps.

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10 Best Note Taking Apps of 2023:

Before downloading a note taking app, you should see which one will be the best. Various note taking apps create text and notes. Let’s discuss the top 10 note taking apps:

Microsoft OneNote – (A Note taking app with various Features):

OneNote is a free best note taking app among currently available apps. It is open on android, ios and windows. It is comparable with Evernote. Like Evernote, it provides the best services for taking notes. Don’t worry if you have apple devices. You can also download OneNote on apple devices. It resembles a web version of Microsoft Word. Across multiple apps, OneNote helps to create text and organize notes. It updates its new features for messages. 

Moreover, OneNote has cool features like inserting audio and images. Digital Ink tool for drawing makes it one of the best note taking apps. OneNote has included Sticky notes, which is a good and quick writing notes app.


  • Exciting features.
  • Extracts text from the image.
  • Provides sticky notes.
  • Better sharing options.


  • Slow.
  • Get exciting

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Evernote- (A competitor of OneNote):

Among all of the note taking apps, Evernote is surprisingly perfect. There are some of the best writing and note taking features with a free plan of essential services. However, in the free program, all parts are not available. It is considered to be an alternative to Microsoft OneNote.

Evernote is easy to use. Apps like Evernote are useful for organizing notes. It updates you with its new features. The best part of Evernote is that it can search text in an image. It is suitable for ios, web, Android, and windows too. Through Evernote, you can copy text from different web pages also. It is the best app as you get everything you want in it.


  • Excellent Features.
  • Easy to use.
  • Web clipper extension.


  • A premium plan is expensive.
  • Fewer features in the free
  • version.

Get the best features with Evernote.

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Simple Note- (A simple note taking app):

It is a sync note taking app. It is a free cross-platform note taking app that provides a simple user interface. It is useful if you want to use a quick notes app. It is a mac app with markdown support. This simple text editor is also compatible with ios and windows.


  • Free
  • Cross-Platform.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • Supports Markdown on some devices.


  • Not a rich text editor.
  • No formatting tools.

Get unlimited storage with Simple Note.

Google Keep- (Best note taking app by Google):

It is one of the best note taking apps. The feature that makes it be counted in best note taking apps is audio notes. Moreover, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google drawings, Google forms, and Google sites are available in Google to keep. It is more than a text editor as it provides an Optical Character Recognition facility. It reads images. With this free writing editor, you can create notes folders too as you want. It is as good as Evernote. Yet, it provides free features as compared to 

Evernote. Google Keep is compatible with, web, ios, and Android. One of the exciting features of Google keeps drag and drop. You can open Google Keep in a sidebar next to Google Docs through drag and drop. 


  • Free
  • Fast
  • Extract text from images.
  • Updates with new features.


  • No markdown support

Get free features with Google Keep.

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Squid Notes- (Best app for Android):

It is best among note taking apps for its writing features. It captures your handwriting. In this writing app, you can add images in notes too. Apps like squid notes make you comfortable with using your script. You feel good with your handwritten notes. You can edit papers. It is not better than OneNote as it is not a free writing editor for notes.


It uses your real handwriting. 

Updates with new features.

Sign documents.


  • Only for Android.
  • Not free.

Share and present your notes using Squid.

Bamboo Paper- (A simple note taking app):

It is also the best note taking app like other apps. It is suitable for quick sketches. It also provides various features for formatting text. But it is the best note taking app for its multiple options of drawing tools. You get the sketching tools you want in it.


  • Free download.
  • Capture design ideas.
  • Compatible for iOS, Androids, and Windows.


Less editing tools.

Get sketching tools with Bamboo paper.


It is one of the best writing apps. It is not free, yet it is a friendly note taking app. It provides mobile scanning. It has the best new tools in this note taking app.

It is a competitor of Evernote. It provides cross-platform too, and it makes it better than Evernote.


  • Different text tools
  • Compatible for ios, windows, and androids.
  • Markdown format
  • New tools
  • web clipper


You can’t create tags with mobile phones.

Get excellent security with Joplin.

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Zoho Notebook:

Zoho Notebook

It’s a free note taking app. It provides document scanning, file attachments, and audio notes. Like other free best note taking apps, it allows adding images. With this best free note taking app, you can easily create text and share your notes with other people. It is a free Evernote alternative.


  • Compatible for ios, web, android devices, and windows.
  • Web clipper. Web-version is available.
  • Add images.


  • Limited
  • storage.

Create notes for free with Zoho Notebook

Apple Notes- (Best note taking app for iOS):

It is considered to be one of the best note taking apps. Apple notes provide stable features. It is free for ios devices. You can add images you want and make illustrations using an apple pencil. Moreover, Apple notes offer high security.


  • Free
  • Add images.
  • No need for Google drive.
  • Sign in to iCloud to upload your
  • notes on PC.


  • Hybrid Markdown is not available in this app.
  • Markdown formatting on the web only.

Apple notes.

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One of the best apps for notes is Notion. It is rich in formatting tools. You can create templates. It is one of the colorful apps that allow you to use different tools. It is better than OneNote due to its features like the Kanban tool and to-do-list.

Its free version is quite good. You have to pay $5 per month for the personal pro version. You get everything you want in it. To work in real-time, you should buy a Team version that costs $10 per month.


  • Collaboration with google drive.
  • Markdown formatting.
  • Add images.
  • Web clipper.
  • For windows, mac, android
  • devices, and apple.
  • Web-version is available.


  • It is not free.

Get stylish templates with Notion.

Tips for a Note taking app:

As a sheet, the note taking app is for notes but a quick digital version of it. You do not need to keep different sheets to make notes. Use a note taking app for writing letters.

Which one should you search for? :

  • Free apps for notes are useful to use.
  • Search for the one that provides an image reading too.
  • Simple apps for notes are better to avoid the mess.

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