10 Best Free News Apps For Android In 2020

The Internet has improved our style of watching the newscast. Now the producer and manager do not need to decide on significant material for the masses. The people can freely surf the Internet to get their desired news. Millions of websites on the Internet are also working to convey the latest news to readers. In this regard, to serve the people to keep engaged with the latest stories, several android apps are playing their role. Following are the ten Best Free News Apps For Android in 2020;

Best Free News Apps For Android

AP News Free News Apps

AP News Free News Apps

AP News is one of the most leading Best Free News Apps For Android. It is an Associated Press news app for Android. AP News is a popular and free news app. It bases its report itself alongside several sources both nearby and across the country. It has an intuitive workable user interface. The users can also get news on several subjects such as outdoor, theatre, travel, and technology.

You can install it from here: AP News

Feedly Free News Apps

It is a well-known RSS reader news application. The users can pull from several websites and sources. The main object of this app is to construct your news system from your trustworthy places. Feedly comes with an association of FB, IFTTT, Twitter, Evernote, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many others. Moreover, you can also reach your feedstuff on your cell phone or your PC through their site. Finally, we can also say that Feedly is also a compact pillar choice with more than 40 million feeds.

To download it, click here: Feedly

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Flipboard Android Apps

Flipboard is also the best and free news application of 2020. Mostly, the app functions as Feedly. The users can also create a custom feed with their favorite news sources, sites, and other places. Users can also easily make a custom channel with their preferred news sources, websites, and different spots.

The main difference between Flipboard and Feedly is showy. The Flipboard consists of entertaining movements and enormous pictures. The user interface of the app offers the format of a digital magazine. The users can also find the extra functions of finding. Shortly, Flipboard is an outstanding news app with its hot garbage functions.

To install it, visit this link: Flipboard

Inoreader Free News Apps For Android

It is one of the free and best in class news applications. Inoreader offers a newsreader to being modified according to the user’s preference. It consists of 28 prepared subjects for the individuals who would prefer not to burrow and locate their sources. This news app also has offline functions, the right choice of themes, and a trace of what readers read. The app is a practical choice for the individuals who would not like to accomplish as much performance arrangements for their feed up.

To download this app from the play store, click here: Inoreader

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Microsoft News Free News Apps

The users open the application, choose their desired subjects, and get a channel with news curated by Microsoft workers. The administration synchronizes between the app and the web directly for cross-stage care. It also offers a dark theme and can save content for future uses. Moreover, the users will also get an excellent combination of both left and right inclining political news locales. This place is also a cluster of the latest news.

You can find this app from here: Microsoft News


This unique app will save the material that users happen to discover throughout the day. No doubt, sometimes, you may have to face the content of FB or Twitter that you will be unable to the readout. But with this fantastic app, you can junk that content into Pocket and afterward return to read it later. The Pocket has offline help, a conventional interpretation encounter, and some searching functions. Force clients can also log in for membership. The app also gives infinite capacity, a labeling framework to remain engaged, text-to-discourse article reading, and extra highlights for computers.

You can visit this link to get this app: Pocket

Podcast Addict

It is a decent across the board answer for news applications. Podcast Addict is a mix of an RSS peruser and a digital broadcast application. The app claims a cluster of 450,000 digital broadcasts. Furthermore, users can also sign in to practice their desired news source. It is a fantastic app for web recording playlists, thoroughly composed news sources, and Chromecast support. They can also find help for YouTube and Twitch channels.

The users can install it from this link: Podcast Addict

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This app charges itself being the first page of the web, and it is also apparent. Most drifting news stuff finish up at some points on Reddit. The users can sign in to subreddits, and it will permit them to view different benefits. This app is also unique to search a subreddit anything from style to tech, and Android to iOS, etc. Reddit pins the essential experience excellently. The people group can be somewhat lifeless somewhere. But generally, it is one of the better news applications and networks. The monthly membership also includes a couple of extra highlights and evacuates advertisements.

Here you can find the installation link: Reddit.


It is the latest news application. Smart news performs as plenty of its rivals, such as News Republic, News360, and different newsreaders. The app generally offers a vast amount of news sources and suggests top drifting points. Smart news will provide you the news that everybody is discussing. Moreover, it also inclines toward supposition writes as opposed to news destinations for a lot of themes.

To download this app, visit this link: SmartNews.

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Twitter is seemingly the best web-based life stage for news. The Twitter show posts in subsequent requests. This latest app is the best selection to keep you updated on what’s going around in the present moment. It has hashtags, the latest themes, and some other revelation highlights. When you follow your desired source, your feed will display their most recent posts. The people who can figure out the real story can also locate the most recent great stuff quicker than most different spots. Moreover, the mute and block options support to weed down the offensive individuals.

The users can install this app from here: Twitter.

The above Ten Best Free News Apps For Android is totally free in 2020. All these apps also have instinctive and graphical user-interface and are easy to use.

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