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You must have an idea of email. Email is a type of online communication just like other communication apps and it stands for “electronic mail”. However, Email is used for business purposes as well as for individual purposes. Therefore, there are 3.9 billion users of email worldwide. By the way, it is also used for promotional purposes like affiliate marketing by using techniques of email marketing. Usually, people are looking for the best email apps for android because every email app has its functions and specific features for its premium users.

In this article, I will tell you the ten best email apps for android. Hence, the quality of the email app affects the quality of the user experience. Therefore, you must consult the best email apps before downloading one of them.

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Gmail – Best Email Apps for Android

Gmail is an app that is usually present already in all androids except for some versions of android phones. The reason is that it is one of the best email apps for android and it is a free app that is developed by Google. So, it stands for Google mail. Hence, it is preferred by most of the android companies. Therefore, it is already installed. So, you do not have to pay for it. In 2018, it had 1.5 billion users. It also supports promotional emails for varied categories.

However, you can react to the emails offline also. However, Google updated Gmail in 2020. Therefore, it has fixed some common bugs and has improved its performance. By the way, Gmail supports multiple accounts including email accounts. Therefore, you can use your old accounts on Gmail. So, it provides the best user experience.

All of the above, it has free 15 gigabytes of storage for the messages including audio, video, and document attachments. Therefore, do not worry about cleaning your inbox fast. However, 25 MB is the only storage for one message. Therefore, your one message can not be larger than 25 Megabytes.

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Blue Mail is The Best Email Apps for Android

Blue mail is one of the best email apps for android, iOS, and most of the windows. However, the Bluemail app is free for all countries. So, you do not have to invest money to purchase this app. 2015 was the year when it was released. Therefore, it has millions of registered users. Like Gmail, it also has a management calendar that makes your assignment and works easy to manage. Well, it operates all kinds of accounts including personal accounts as well as business accounts. Like Gmail, it also supports all accounts including Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. Well, it also has spam management that will provide you with a clean inbox. However, it also has a night mode. So, it will help you to work day and night according to your preferences.

However, its signing up process is long for some of the users that might irritate you. One of the worst cons of the Bluemail app is that it does not provide a memory cleaning option for old mails.

Zoho Mail is One of the Best Email Services

Zoho mail is one of the best email apps for android. You can make an email template that will ease your work. It also provides a night mode option which will help to comfort your eyes. Also, you can manage its storage by deleting the old mails that are of no use. One of the best features of Zoho mail is that you can alter your username at any time.

However, it provides its user with 5GB storage and 20MB attachment storage. Therefore, you can send an email size larger than 20MB. Nonetheless, it has premium packages if you want to increase your email storage and attachment limits. All of the above, Zoho mail is also optimized for tablets including all Android tablets. Therefore, you can switch to Zoho mail easily if you have only a tablet.

One of the worst cons of Zoho mail is that it does not support promotional emails. So, if you want to use Zoho mail for affiliate marketing purposes then you would not be able to do this.

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Yahoo Mail Best Email Apps for Android

It is one of the best email apps for android that help you to discover the most organized email inbox. You can choose one from four different plans on Yahoo including three for personal use and one for business use. 225 million users have now been registered on Yahoo and it has 5 million downloads on Google Play Store. By the way, it has 1 GB storage for the emails. However, you can also increase its storage by choosing its premium service. Therefore, you can switch to 2GB for premium users and its price is $20 annually.

Yahoo mail was created by the American Yahoo company. Well, Yahoo mail can do the best job for you by its spam barring abilities. All of the above, your Yahoo email will automatically disable if you would not use it for more than six months.

Outlook Best Email Apps for Android

The outlook is one of the free email services. However, Microsoft has provided outlook mail service. By the way, POP3 and IMAP, both are supported by Outlook. For the best user experience, free 15 GB storage space is provided by Outlook. Therefore, do not worry about space. Microsoft launched Outlook in 2012 and now, it has 400 million registered users. Therefore, it can help in business purposes. As we know, apps provided by Google always win the competition of superiority and gain everyone’s trust. So, you can install Outlook for the best experience of using the inbox.

Outlook provides the best user experience by connecting its user account with Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, and office. Manage your emails easily with the ultra calendar provided in Outlook. However, you can check your important emails first by managing it in the setting. By the way, you can easily attach documents, photos, and PDF in Outlook. Security of your email guaranteed Outlook.

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 Aqua Mail

If we are discussing the best email apps for android, then Aqua mail is one of them. It is a user-friendly email app because it does not support any tangled information and setup. By the way, it has over 300 setting options for full customization for a better user experience. Also, you can save your eyesight from damage because it provides its users with the night mode option.

You can try to make your emails professional by using its text editor option.

However, your emails would be stored in your device’s internal storage. Although this is one of the best email apps for android yet it is like a pro version that is available for free.

Spark Email

Spark is an email app that is one of the best email services. It provides the best user experience. However, it was released by Readle. It can be operated on Android, iOS, and macOS. Well, it takes 175 MB of storage space for iOS. It was released in 2019. Therefore, there are chances that every person in your surroundings does not have a Spark email.

Well, Spark email does ease your work because it checks all the incoming emails and shows you notification only on essential email by its ultra inbox feature. By the way, Spark email allows you to connect to multiple email accounts including Gmail and Yahoo. One of the most important features is that you can also undo the send email. However, you can get notified about your particular email by changing the sound of notification for each mail account. Turning on the dark mode will save your eyesight from pain.

However, you can also save the email as a PDF and it also allows you to make a template.

However, it has the best features that can run your inbox smoothly and efficiently. Well, its security feature for its users is also satisfying. It is rated 4.6 on the Google play store. All of the above, all of its features are free of use. Hence, you can download it for free on Google Play Store. Therefore, it is one of the best email apps for android. Also, it claims that if you think about Spark email and Gmail then you are likely to prefer the Spark email.

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K-9 Mail

K-9 mail is one of the best email apps for Android. Therefore, it is only for the android operating system. If you have iPhone then you would not be able to download it. However, it supports POP3 and IMAP email accounts. By the way, its size is only 2.59 MB. Hence, it will not be a burden on your phone storage space. Therefore, it is free of cost.

This app always does slightly changes according to the user’s experience. Therefore, it has changed its text displaying format. In 2018, K-9 mail was updated. It is one of the email apps that bring their best services to their valuable users. You can download this one of the best email apps for Android from the Google play store.


ProtonMail is one of the best-encrypted email apps. Therefore, it is also one of the best email apps for android. It operates one of the best security systems. Hence, it satisfies its users. Well, it has more than one million-plus registered users. Proton Technologies updated it in 2020. Hence, it can provide you the best services according to this period. Proton Technologies AG developed Proton mail and released it in 2016. However, it also operates on iOS.

It does not take enough storage as its size is only 23.49 MB on Google Play Store.

All of the above, it also has a premium version. But the worst thing is that the premium version also has a limit on daily massages. However, the premium version gives 5GB of storage and a limit of 1000 messages per day. Therefore, it’s up to you to select the premium version or not. Protonmail also sends you emails to develop the best user experience and to tell you about the newly updated services.

Edison Mail

It is one of the best email apps for android that provides the best inbox experience like Gmail. Edison Software released Edison Mail in 2017 officially. Well, you can control the spam messages in Edison mail, and also you can never watch the ad barring your email inbox. It provides a connection with other apps including Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and a third-party app Office 365. However, unlike other emails, Edison mail provides cashback on shopping. Shocking, right? Well, it is only available for the dwellers of the US. By the way, you can save your time by only seeing the mail that you want to see by changing the sound and notification setting.

All of the above, people are claiming that there is a big security threat to the Edison email account that it is accessible by other users. Therefore, Google is choking with this big news. However, Edison Software updated Edison’s email in 2020. Therefore, they claim to increase their security and cleared all threats. So, kindly take assistance in this matter from Google and read reviews of people about it. It will help you more to know the reality.


Choose a kind of email that can fulfill your requirements. By the way, the premium email apps have more storage than non-premium apps. Also, they have more features than other email apps. Therefore, you should choose a premium email app that can provide you more features according to your requirements.

One of the most important things is that you should first see the number of people who are using a particular email then you should download it. Hence, it will make your work easy.

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