7 Best Weight Loss Apps For Android You Can Try Right Now

if you are looking for best weight loss apps you are on the write placeA healthy and fit body can give you the perfect joy of life. The worst hurdle in accomplishing a fit, slim and shaped body is weight gain. Excessive weight gain may lead you to numerous diseases. Over weight is one of the leading causes of young deaths. Almost 40% people in the world are facing over weight problem according to the present stats. So, to attain a best weight for your body you should must put a lot of effort and attention to your body.

If you are gaining weight and looking for losing weight, we are here to help you. Your weight loss journey start from the inner motion and determination. After that you can get help from the outer sources. As we are living in a tech savvy society, there are many weight loss apps available to keep track of your weight and to suggest you perfect nutrition and workout for you. We are mainly focusing to present you some of the best weight loss apps which help you to achieve your weight loss goal.

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7 Best Weight Loss Apps

I will try my full to cover 7 best weight loss apps for android in this article. As I will guide you through the features and specifications of these weight loss apps. let’s go through our list of best weight loss apps.

1. Noom Best weight loss apps

Noom is not just a weight loss app but it’s the app trusted by more than 50 million people. So, the question is what makes Noom distinguished among other weight loss apps? As we know one can lose weight but one can also put it on again. We follow certain routines, workout and schedule for a time period but we do not follow them for whole life. Same as Noom does not only helps you to lose weight but more important is that it helps you to change your thinking.

Noom aims to guide you not for a month or a year but for all the life. Its psychologically approach first understands why you eat? Then, it comes to make you eat lesser through changing and assessing your lifestyle and routine.

Noom is not about a diet goal setting only but achieving it on your own. Unlike other fitness apps it motivates and inspires you be your personal trainer and make a healthy living by yourself. Getting started with the app it does not only gathers information like all other apps but it gathers understanding through questioning you. Then it provides a plan for you which best fits you. Program suggests a plan period which it thinks enough to make you thinking smarter not only looking smarter.


  • App keeps you posted with daily motivational articles, short stories, short notes and suggestions. Which are quite effective and interesting. It has thousands of life changing coaches and you have rights reserved to discuss your problem with them.
  • You can see million foods on its food log and can also customize a custom one for you. You can add a routine food for the day. It has a traffic lights symbolic mechanism to categorize foods. Its Red, yellow and green icons show the calorie intensity of the food. It helps you to follow your per month diet plan.
  • Workouts and exercise log, suggests your workouts and assign per month exercise goals when you log in your exercise. You can use this app as your personal trainer to follow your exercise routine.
  • Noom has an impressive community to interact with. You can discuss your workout and progress. More important it has a variety of qualified coaches to help you establish a balance between your food and exercise.
  • App provides a user-friendly interface. It also has connectivity support for wearables like apple watch and apps like apple health.
Price: $59 per month or $199 for annual subscription

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2. WW (Weight Watchers)

WW is another remarkable name among the android weight loss apps. It is one of the best weight loss apps for android. This outstanding app provides you the important guidance to better your wellness. Weight Watchers help you keep track of your fitness and diet plans. WW app makes it easy for you to lose weight and build muscle through its tracking and 24/7 coaching support available to its users.

WW app includes each and everything you may need for losing weight. For getting started app deeply investigate you through asking some question and gives you a wellness score and sets up a wellness goal for you. WW app will track your diet, fitness and health and will keep you suggesting improvements.


  • WW weight loss app assigns best calorie budget for you and provides help to stay under the budget. You can even find out how many days you kept your diet according to your weight loss goals.
  • Its weekly food planner help you to plan a weekly nutrition plan. You can setup your weekly health and calorie goals and track them. It allows you to add foods from its recipe library or you may log them by yourself.
  • This weight loss app has a weekly check-in feature. You may get your activity level data through its weekly tracker. WW tracking offers data collection through four health pillars food intake, workouts activity, sleep and mental state. You may give an impression and setup your next week goal.
  • App includes thousands of healthy recipes built in you may choose the one suits you or you can even edit it according to your taste.
  • Most unique feature it has is, its 5 minute coaching. You may have behavior changing and meditational coaching through its strengthen your body and mind feature.
  • The app has a social community consisted upon people who use this app. You can share your ideas, photos and progress among your app fellows.
  • Weight Watchers app offers 24/7 support with online help . Use its features and track your fitness effectively.
Price:$9.23 per week

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3. MyFitnessPal Best weight loss apps

Balancing the weight is a tricky as well as mathematical task. This heavy featured app has the best calorie counter built in. Its calorie counter lets you to control your diet and take a look at the calories you are having in your daily routine. Just add your current weight, height and age in data log. Set a daily goal to achieve that how much calories you are going to burn through the day.


  • It has a barcode scanner with which you can scan any food barcode to get into its calorie’s details.
  • In addition to its calories counter it has exercise tracker which has more than 400 exercises stored in it. You can also feed any personal exercise and track it.
  • Research tells that the wearing an electronic health tracker or to keep track through any app like
  • MyFitnessPal can help people to lose weight. It is Compatible with many wearable devices like apple watch.
  • Above all it has a vast and effective community feedback which help you to find the solutions.
Price: It’s not totally free and have some in app purchases to upgrade your tracking.

4. MyNetDiary Best weight loss apps

If you are on weight loss plan My Net Diary can help you to reach your goal. It is a handy diet coach of your daily calorie schedule. This app allows you to set and track your fitness goals. You can make a schedule for whole week just log your food and let MyNetDiary track your diet progress over time.


  • This health app can track the measurement of your blood glucose per day and diabetes. You can even set a goal for your daily glucose or you can also track insulin levels.
  • This app gives you the liberty of taking guidelines from a vast and rapid community. It includes diet tips, workout routines, fat track of individual muscle and heart rate as well.
  • MyNetDiary comes with free services and in app purchases for premium use. It has connectivity with most of the best activity trackers like FitBit.
Price: $5 per month

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5. CalorieCounter by FatSecret

Calorie counter by FatSecret may be the best free app available across the platform. You just need to get started with this app and it will show you its magic. Like other famous competing fitness apps FatSecret also make you losing weight to track your food. App has food diary to track your food intake along with a weight chart to track your progress.


  • This weight loss app has a built-in exercise and workout diary for burnt calorie counting.
  • It helps you make a diet plan through its vast recipes diary. App provides all important nutritional information about almost all the brands and restaurants.
  • With calorie counter by Fatsecret you can balance your food and exercise very well.
  • It is an easy-to-use app for keeping track of every day physical activity as well as your meal plans.
Price: It is a free weight loss app which has no app purchases. All the features are free with in app.

6. Lose It

Lose it is a very reputed and handy app when it comes to weight loss apps available across the platform. It provides help you keep track of your daily food intake and progress towards goal weight. Lose it is one of the best weight loss apps across the platform. Just fix your calorie budget for day and let the app tracking your weight.


  • You can use monthly goals or weekly goals to track your weight. You only need to fix a per month calorie budget and let the app tracking your nutrition and calorie
  • It has specific food logs for your daily routine. Logs have barcode scanner for all brands. To make it easy it also remembers your routine food as well as the multiple entries of different foods in your log. It is one of the best app to monitor your weight and data.
  • It suggests you best diet plans and workouts. A number of workouts are built in the app. One can select any workout and track the burnt calories. Although you can add a custom exercise and share it with rest of lose it online community.
  • This app has a vast library of healthy recipes although one can create its own favorite recipe too. Logging your recipe will help you stay conscious and aware of the fats and calories you are taking in.
  • Lose it has reminder option if you forget to log your meals for the day. This feature makes it easy to keep your food database up to date.
  • Its broad online community is rapidly responsive and effective. You can learn healthy habits and get help about nutrition and workouts.
Price: Lose it comes with free as well as in app purchase features.

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7.  Google Fit.

Google fit is the official fitness app for android. It is the best free weight loss app. It comes pre-installed in most of the android devices. So, you only have to turn it on and let it keep track of your fitness. Google Fit can track fitness through most of the wearable fitness gadgets like Android Wears, Fitness Bands and all other wearable fitness trackers. It’s One of the best apps available on android.


  • Above of all it gives you best tracking free of cost and its cross platform.
  • It is easy to use and probably best choice for beginners. Weight loss wearables owners must have it.
  • It is maintained by google so it brings you continuously improvements and updates.
  • Its Move Minutes and Heart Points features are really useful and beneficial for its users.
  • Like other weight loss apps it has online help and support for its users.
Price: Google fit is a free weight loss app.


To summarize the article I can say that whatever weight loss app you choose important is that you need to be determined and willing enough to lose weight with your body and mind. You are the only one who can help yourself apps are only to track your weight loss progress time to time. Get all available guidance through apps for your workouts, diet and calorie budget but its only you who can paint you winner at end of the day. I hope we helped you composing best weight loss apps for android list for you.

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