10 Best Delicious Turkish Foods – 2021

God created man, man created Turkey, and Turkey developed cuisines that were not considered sinful. Turkish delights have been littering the menus of restaurants worldwide, rich and delicious but not very spicy. The Ottoman cuisine is a classic Turkish culinary menu noted for its meat-filled skewers, but there’s much more to it than that. Whether it’s the main course, sweets, appetizers, or juices, Turkish cuisine will delight your taste senses in such a way that you’ll not only be satisfied but also desire more. As a result, we’ve compiled a comprehensive buffet from the vast world of Turkish delights for you to choose from. There’s more to Turkish cuisine than koftas, kebabs, and donor kebabs. You may not pronounce the meals’ names, but you will like their flavor.

Mantı: Mini Ravioli

Köfte: Turk’s Meatballs

Lahmacun: Turkish Style Pizza

Menemen: Turkish Egg Delicacy

Şiş Kebap: Turkish Seekh Kebab

Döner: Turkish Sub

İskender Kebab: Strips Of Lamb

Corba: Turkish Soup

Kuzu Tandir: Lamb Delicacy

Pide: Turkish Patty

Delicious Turkish Cuisine

The following is a list of the best Turkish cuisines for diehard foodies. Make your stay in Turkey a culinary adventure by indulging in these delectable delicacies. Before you sit down in a lovely cafe and start ordering, take a look at what’s on offer in terms of the best Turkish traditional food.

For Meat-Eaters And Chicken-Eaters

Those who enjoy meat and fowl will be ecstatic to discover a wide variety of delectable meals on the Turkish food menu. You’ll be spoiled with choice because there’s so much to try. For now, sit back and enjoy these non-vegetarian Turkish delicacies as you plan your next trip to this beautiful nation and get your hands on the cuisine!

1. Mantı: Mini Ravioli

Imagine little ravioli packed with meat! Mant consists of boiled or fried beef/lamb dumplings seasoned with various spices. It is the Turkish version of Italian cuisine that you will undoubtedly enjoy. The seasoned ground meat will melt in your tongue, and the garlic tomato sauce will complement the ravioli perfectly. It is a classic Turkish dish that is lovingly prepared in every home. In India, this is a popular Turkish dish.

Must-Try: With yogurt or butter

Where To Eat: Sayla Manti

2. Köfte: Turk’s Meatballs

If the Italians have meatballs, the Turks have kofte. Köfte are balls or patties composed of lightly cooked ground beef or lamb in the Turkish variant of meatballs. It’s frequently served in wraps with salad and pita bread. You may even order vegetarian Turkish cuisine made with chickpeas and veggies. Every Turkish home must have kofte on hand. As a result, it may be found at every street deli and home.

Must-Try: Stewed, in sandwiches, over salads, or plain with yogurt

Where To Eat: Tarihi Sultanahmet Köftecisi Selim Usta

3. Lahmacun: Turkish Style Pizza

Lahmacun is a flat, crispy bread that can be wrapped, folded in half, or ripped apart to consume with a topping of minced meat, salad, and lemon juice. The Turkish version of pizza is bursting with flavor. The Mediterranean spices and minced lamb are throwing a party in your mouth. It is a popular Turkish street meal that can be found all across the country. So, on your next vacation to Turkey, you should give this a try.

Must-Try: With tomatoes, lettuce, parsley; try adding some lemon to it

Where To Eat: Lahmacun

4. Menemen: Turkish Egg Delicacy

Menemen is a quick breakfast meal made with scrambled eggs and sautéed vegetables rarely seen on restaurant menus. Menemen is the place to go if you want to know how Turkish people eat their eggs. It’s just scrambled eggs with onions, peppers, paprika, and oregano heated softly. It’s identical to Shakshouka, except that eggs are beaten in this dish.

Must-Try: With fresh bread, spoon it up with some homegrown olives

Where To Eat: Lades Menemen

5. Şiş Kebap: Turkish Seekh Kebab

Did you realize yours seek Kebab comes from Turkey? You can enjoy iş Kebab by adding lamb to the list of chicken or fish served on a wooden or metal rod. As soon as you smell and see the skewered meats served hot off the grill, your mouth will water. Turkey was the first country to introduce skewered meat, often known as kebabs, to the world. So, if you want to try traditional Turkish cuisine, try this delectable dish. It’s yet another delicious Turkish street cuisine that you won’t be able to get enough of during your December trip to Turkey.

Try it with yogurt.

Where To Eat: Altin Sis Kebap

6. Döner: Turkish Sub

Döners are a must-try for anyone who enjoys subs and sandwiches. Try a kebab sandwich with slow-cooked chicken, lamb, or beef meat, vegetables, spices, and garlic yogurt on the side. The pita bread is full of deliciousness and fresh flavors. To enhance the flavor, serve it with hummus or traditional Turkey dips. The meat is flavorful and roasted on a vertical rotisserie. Inside the doner, cut shavings are piled with fresh vegetables and dressing. Turkish fast food is, on the whole, healthful and nutritious. As a result, you won’t feel bad about indulging in doner kebabs. These are far superior to the ones available from Indian food vendors.

Where To Eat: Kebab Xpress

7. İskender Kebab: Strips Of Lamb

It would be unjust to leave Iskender kebab off our top Turkish food list. Long slices of lamb cooked in tomato sauce and served over rice and pita bread with yogurt are known as Iskender kebab. It was named after the Ottoman Empire’s Master Alexander (Iskender Efendi), who lived in Busra. It’s created with shredded doner meat and a spicy, delicious tomato sauce with melted butter on top. It is a famous Turkish dish that is best served with pita bread.

Where To Eat: The Shawarma Story

8. Corba: Turkish Soup

An essential soup meal using lentils or tomatoes as options. Try it with a soup made from sheep brains or tongues if you’re feeling brave. Soups are a big deal in Turkey. So, while you’re on vacation in Turkey, you should give this a try. Since Soup is all about a comfortable and warm feeling in your tongue, this will quickly become your go-to comfort food.

Where To Eat: Ayvalik Pasali Corba

9. Kuzu Tandir: Lamb Delicacy

This meal is primarily enjoyed by folks who want Turkish cuisine. This dish’s aroma, combined with the well-cooked lamb, will provide the most excellent eating experience you can have here. This meal has been famous since the beginning of time and continues to capture people’s hearts. This meal is also popular in India, Pakistan, the Caucasus, Greece, and Afghanistan.

Where To Eat: Konyalı Etliekmek Kuzu Tandır

10. Pide: Turkish Patty

This is one of Turkey’s most well-known dishes and can be found in almost any country. This dish is so wonderfully prepared that just looking at it will tempt you to taste it. This meal, made like patties from a well-kneaded dough, is incredibly tasty and a must-try. This dish’s flavor will erupt in your tongue, causing you to need more. One of the most incredible things to do in Turkey is to savor the luscious taste of this Turkish cuisine while taking in the picturesque splendor surrounding you. Pide is the best Turkish cuisine available in Istanbul’s eateries.

Where To Eat: Cappadocia Pide House

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