Pick YouTube Video Ideas – EasyGuide 2021

YouTube is the second most popular social media network, with over a billion subscribers (about a third of all Internet users). Its users watch hundreds of millions of hours of video each day, racking up billions of views. It’s also owned by the world’s largest search engine, which means that being on YouTube can help you improve your SEO and expand your audience.

If you’re ready to get started but don’t know what to produce your first YouTube video on, we’ve put up a mega-list of popular YouTube video ideas to help you get started.

Beginner YouTube Video Ideas for “Getting to Know You”

1. Make a personal introduction

Create a video in which you introduce yourself. What is your name, and what do you do? What may viewers expect from your YouTube channel? How frequently do you upload videos? Create a video welcoming new subscribers to your channel and letting them know what to expect. Make it as easy as possible for viewers to subscribe.

2. State Your Organization’s Name

Make a video describing your business and what you do if you’re sharing videos on behalf of a company or NGO.

3. Get to Know the Team

Create a video that introduces viewers to the people who keep your company running. Seeing the faces behind your brand or organization helps viewers form a more personal connection with it.

4. Begin a Vlog

Vlogging, like textual blogging, can be instructive, amusing, personal, or anything you want it to be. Corporations and individuals may use vlog content to engage viewers and increase their audiences.

5. Explainer Video

Explainer videos are intended to introduce a product, service, company, or app in a short amount of time. YouTube is a great place to showcase it for maximum exposure if your business has one.

6. Video of the Tour

With this popular video format, viewers may get a behind-the-scenes look. You can brag about your room, house, office, neighborhood, or any other location you enjoy.

7. A Day in the Life is a film about a day in the life of

YouTubers enjoy putting themselves in other people’s shoes with A Day in the Life videos. Begin recording as soon as you wake up and walk viewers through a regular day in your life.

8. Videos on Culture

Make a video that demonstrates your company’s culture. Is it possible to play ping pong at work? After-work team happy hour? Videos that emphasize an excellent and enjoyable culture are an excellent approach to demonstrate to clients and potential workers what your company is all about.

9. The Backstage Passage

Show your audience what happens behind the scenes of your company, event, blog, or YouTube channel.

10. Introduce your family or friends

Turn the camera on your friends or family members (with their permission, of course) and introduce them to your audience.

11. 50 Interesting Facts About Me

Tell us 50 interesting facts about yourself. This is a fun approach to show off your distinct personality while allowing your audience to learn more about you.

12. Draw My Life

The author narrates significant events and experiences in the Draw My Life films, often consisting of fast-motion illustrations on a whiteboard.

YouTube Tutorial / Educational Videos

13. Make Your Video

Do you have a knack for fixing things around the house? Do you enjoy making crafts? Show viewers how to make your latest DIY project step by step.

14. Instructional/Tutorial

One of the most popular sorts of videos on YouTube is how-to tutorials. They’re trendy among YouTubers that do tech and beauty, but the options are truly endless. If you can teach it, there’s probably someone out there who wants to learn it! From playing your favorite song on guitar to how to be more confident, if you can teach it, there’s probably someone out there who wants to learn it!

15. Recipe or Cooking Instructions

Show viewers how to make a cherished family recipe, demonstrate a cooking or prep technique, or share your favorite kitchen tidbits.

16. Product Instructions

A tutorial video is a fascinating and valuable alternative for viewers, whether you’re demonstrating your product or want to show others how to use a product or program you use and love.

17. Describe a Concept

Please share your knowledge! Explain a complex math problem, relativity theory, a hard coding difficulty, or anything related to your industry or field of study.

18.Workout Video

When it comes to working out, many individuals look to YouTube for instructions on how to conduct specific exercises and guided workout routines. Yoga, circuit training, stretching, and form videos are popular.

19. Presentation or Webinar

Put the recording of an instructional webinar or presentation on YouTube so that others who missed it can see it later.

20. Video Infographic

Infographics are a visually appealing and entertaining way to provide data and figures that would otherwise be dry or difficult to comprehend.

21.Video of a Whiteboard

An animated video of someone drawing on a whiteboard is a whiteboard video. A fun approach to communicate complicated ideas, and they appeal to viewers.

22. Questions and Answers

In the comments section of your videos, do people ask you questions? Perhaps your company receives a lot of questions from clients. Make a video answering your most recent or frequently requested questions.

23. Debunk a Few Myths

Are there any common misunderstandings that irritate you? YouTube is an excellent platform for clarifying facts for viewers.

Video Recaps

24. Product Evaluations

Product reviews are one of YouTube’s most popular categories of video. Before making a purchase, millions of people look for these educational movies. Technology and cosmetics products are prominent topics, but reviews are available for a wide range of products.

25. Film Review

Have you recently seen an excellent (or bad) film? Use YouTube to express your thoughts and initiate debates with strangers. There will be no spoilers!

26. Book Review

Let us know what you thought of your most recent read.

27. Review of the Game

YouTube is flooded with gaming videos, including reviews.

28. Testimonials

Testimonials should be an element of your video strategy if you own a business. This type of film gives “social proof” and aids in developing confidence in your business.

Inventive YouTube Video Concepts

29. Laughter/Skits

A funny video could be the ticket if you want to become viral. Many of YouTube’s most popular videos became such because they made people laugh (and share).

30. Music Video

A music video is an obvious choice if you’re a musician. Go for high-production value with a theatrical video, or keep it simple with an acoustic sound. Just make sure that your song is!

31. Joke Videos

People enjoy prank videos, from Candid Camera to Punk’d to YouTube. Play a harmless prank on someone and upload the results to your YouTube channel.

32. Funny/Cute Baby Videos

Is your child endearing in any way? Your child’s grandparents aren’t the only ones who would enjoy seeing your adorable baby videos.

33. Animal Videos That Are Both Cute and Funny

Puppies, kittens, and infant elephants, to name a few… The Internet adores cute/funny animal videos even more than footage of human newborns.

34. Video Challenges

Do you recall the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Planking? Challenge videos are a YouTuber’s favorite type of video. Just be sure that your challenge is risk-free!

35. Video Parody

With a comical parody video, you may put your twist on a popular video, song, or movie.

36. Mistakes

You’ve flubbed some takes if you’ve been in the YouTube game for a while. Combine them into a hilarious blooper reel that your audience will enjoy.

37. Singing/Lip Syncing

YouTube is full of singing videos, whether singing in the vehicle or lip-syncing. Even late-night television joins in the festivities. Choose a well-known song and belt it out!

38.Magic Tricks

You see it now, and then you don’t! If you’re a master of sleight of hand, upload a video on YouTube and leave your audience wondering, “How did they do that??”

39.Walkthrough Video

Do you know how to defeat the last boss? YouTube players in need of assistance prefer video game walkthrough videos.

40.Videos of speed-runs

As a result, you can conquer Super Mario 64 in under two minutes. YouTube is a great place to show off your skills. On YouTube, speed-run videos (in which a player beats a game as quickly as possible) are popular.

41.Highlight Reel

If you’re a sportsperson, there’s no better place to showcase your abilities than YouTube. Skateboarding, snowboarding/skiing, and surfing all have active communities where participants display their skills. Athletes and sports teams will also use YouTube to edit their best plays to attract recruiters, sponsors, and interested fans.

42. Time-lapse photography

Time-lapse photography is a method of capturing video frames at a considerably slower rate than usual. The result is frequently hypnotic. Popular time-lapse subjects include traffic, clouds, and the night sky.

43. Fan Commentaries/Videos

If you have an idea about what happened at the end of your favorite movie, YouTube is the place to post it.

44. Mashups

A video mashup is a video that mixes several unconnected clips into a single new video. Mashups, which are usually amusing, can blend two or more songs, movie clips, or any other combination of sources.

45. Videos from the Collection

Do you have an extensive shoe collection? Have you had an enviable Lego collection? Collectors use YouTube videos to share their enthusiasm with the rest of the world.

46.Unboxing Video

People enjoy watching other people open boxes on YouTube, whether for the latest iPhone, a trendy subscription box, or the newest toy. So the next time you acquire a new product, check to see if the camera is rolling first!

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