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Top 10 UK Universities For International Students

With the United Kingdom’s fifth- largest economy, the United Kingdom has become a great study abroad destination not only for high school students but also for many international and domestic tourists. There are an abundance of top-ranked universities in the United Kingdom. Out of the nearly 1.8 Million students who attend UK universities, a good number of foreign or international students enroll from China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, and other Asian countries. This rise in foreign students enrolling at UK universities has resulted in a growth in the number of universities in United Kingdom.

In recent years, several new universities have been established to cope with the increasing demand for higher education in United Kingdom. One of these is University of London, which became one of the leading institutions of higher learning in the entire world. Located in United Kingdom, the university offers a variety of degree programs including Bachelor’s Degrees, Doctorate Degrees and Masters Degree Programs.

Besides offering outstanding postgraduate programs, the University of London also provides an array of online-based and on-campus research facilities. The number of international doctoral scholars has also increased at the undergraduate and graduate level at the University of London. Students from across the globe to attend the University of London to pursue their educational dreams. Students pursuing PhD programs in the field of Economics, Accounting, Finance, Management, Medicine, Nursing, and Education can find all the facilities they need at the universities in UK for their online academic year.

There are other leading universities in United Kingdom that are leading the pack when it comes to the quality of education that they offer. A large number of British students are especially attracted towards University College London (UCL). This is one of the oldest universities in England. Students coming from across the world enroll in courses at UCL. Its Pre- dispensary Studies Program, founded in 1963, is the first of its kind in the world.

Another university that ranks high on the list of top universities in UK for international student enrollment is Durham University. It is accredited by the Universities Accreditation Commission for International Universities (UACI). Durham University has well established departments for research, teaching, and professional development, providing professional development as well as the opportunity for students to participate in internships and placement programs. International students coming from various countries also enrol in the doctorate programmes offered at Durham University.

The University of Bristol is another highly reputed UK university that caters to overseas students. Bristol is located in England’s South West and is home to some of the finest academic establishments in the country. Bristol has world-class research and educational institutions including its National Maritime Museum. Its other important achievements include the establishment of a new university department on African Studies. International students taking up graduate studies can look forward to taking up postgraduate studies in Bristol.

The University of Cambridge is located in England’s South-east. It has one of the largest science departments in the world. International students coming from various countries including India, China, and Japan can register for courses offered at the university. A very famous Cambridge trick study program enables students from Asia and Oceania to complete their Bachelor’s degree within two years. In spite of being a world class institution, this university does not charge exorbitant tuition fees.

University of Birmingham is another top UK university with high levels of acceptance from international students. It has a very well established department for Asian Studies. There are a total of 9,250 postgraduate students studying at Birmingham. This university has been able to attract a large number of international students due to its high level of acceptance.

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