Why are government jobs so popular in Pakistan

Why Is Government Jobs So Popular in Pakistan?

The answer is simple. The government is providing so many opportunities to its people. Many young people dream of a career in the government. Why? It’s because here the government is serving as an institution and guiding us towards greatness.

There is no better place to have a career than in the government. It’s not as competitive as the private sector, but yet it’s also extremely rewarding. The public sector will make you a leader. You will be working for a great cause, which has so much dedication behind it.

One of the many attractive benefits of jobs like these is that they are very good paying. If you get a good job with a government body then you can easily work for more years than someone who has got a low paying job in a different sector. And if you are from a government family, then your kids can surely get the best education. In addition to that, there are many benefits coming your way. For instance you can enjoy various facilities such as paid holidays and maternity leaves.

The other reason why government jobs are popular in Pakistan is that the salary they pay is very fair. As a matter of fact the government pays a little bit more than the private sector. This is because the government is expanding its business in the private sector but it needs to keep the services or the facilities provided by the state sector to stay competitive.

In addition to that, the public sector provides for higher pensions compared to the private sector. It is true that many government jobs offer better salaries but it doesn’t mean that you cannot survive in the public sector. With the huge number of jobs in the public sector, competition is very tough and there is always a chance for you to get the job of your dream. Even if you have the qualification and experience, you can still land up in the government’s list of qualified candidates. You can work in the national level or at the local level.

On the other hand, why are government jobs so popular in Pakistan? Well, the wages and the perks that the government offers to its employees are one of the main reasons. It is also one of the main reasons that people prefer working in the public sector over the private sector. If you are from an educated family, then you can expect a good job in the public sector.

The other reason why people love working in government jobs is because the work atmosphere is less risky than in the private sector. There is less risk and you are protected from many hazards like accidents and sick leaves. Another reason is that the salary package is not as high in the government jobs as it is in the private sectors. However, the benefits offered by the government definitely outweighs the salary.

Lastly, there is flexibility in the recruitment procedures. The current scenario has changed a lot and the requirements also have increased. Before, you need to be highly qualified or hold a very prestigious post in the private sector to look for a job in the government. But in today’s scenario, with the increase in terrorism and security threats in Pakistan, many well-qualified people are looking for jobs. Also, as you will not have any fixed working hours, you can choose the time that you want to work. Hence, it is now easy for people to fulfill their aspirations of becoming professionals by joining the government jobs.

However, these jobs also require regular promotions. Once you are equipped with the required expertise and experience in government jobs, then you can also look for promotions and get a better pay packet. This is the main reason why government jobs are very popular in Pakistan.

The other popular reasons why these jobs are so popular in Pakistan are that you can perform multiple tasks related to the government. This means that you can do your job from within the establishment itself if you want or you can also work on contracts basis if you want to earn some money outside the establishment. You can also become an agent of different private companies who need professionals like you in their staff.

Why are government jobs so popular in Pakistan? There are numerous reasons behind its popularity. It provides a secure job and you don’t have to move around too much. There is a great chance for promotion and you will also get a decent pay packet. Besides that, you will also be working under highly competent and experienced professionals who can give you proper training.

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